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New updates page: GNAT data bundle | 10GB/ 20GB @ Ghc27/ Ghc54

Loopholes in MTN GNAT data bundle

Loophole in MTN GNAT data bundle

New updates page about MTN GNAT data bundle | 10GB/ 20GB @ Ghc27/ Ghc54

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has a very huge discounted internet data package from the telecommunication giant, MTN. The discounted internet data package is a special arrangement between GNAT and MTN. The arrangement seeks to offer an internet data package that is different from the market price for the general market. How information about the package is yet to reach every eligible person who can participate in the offer. Details about the MTN GNAT data bundle are hereby provided


The modalities are therefore communicated on the telegram platform here https://t.me/GNAT_National.


Present status of the MTN GNAT data bundle

Presently, only members of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) are eligible to participate in the MTN GNAT data bundle. This means all teaching staff and non-teaching staff of the union can register to buy the special internet data package from MTN. Finally, teachers in all other regions of the country are free to purchase the data package.


Everyone who wishes to participate in the bundle must register first during a particular window to be able to buy the bundle during another window. There is also a period for complaint resolution. The GNAT data bundle cost Ghc27 and Ghc54 for 10GB and 20GB respectively



The MTN GNAT bundle package started about one (1) year ago. The initial announcement about the bundle was made in May last year 2022. The first offer was launched in June last year.

The MTN GNAT bundle was originally arranged for members of the Ghana National Associate of Teachers in the Ashanti region. This is because it was announced that the arrangement to obtain the discounted internet data was initiated and negotiated by the Ashanti Regional chairman of the teachers’ union. Teachers and GNAT members in other regions of the country were not allowed to buy the data.

Later, the data package was opened to GNAT members in other regions. In addition, the data package was finally opened to all staff of the Ghana Education Service.

There was no registration at the start. Teachers were only required to use a USSD short code to purchase the data bundle, using their staff ID as a requirement. However, since the package was for only GNAT members at the beginning, it was difficult to differentiate which of the staff ID was a GNAT member and which was not a GNAT member.

The use of GNAT’s teachers’ fund ID was introduced as a replacement for the staff ID. The purpose was to weed out non-GNAT members. The data bundle was opened to all members of GNAT at this point. However, the use of the GNAT’s teachers’ fund ID was halted for reasons unknown. However, observers believe members were unwilling to use the very confidential information, teachers’ fund ID, for the data package.

The need to use staff was re-introduced with a modification to the process. Members must first register during a particular window before they can buy the data package during another window. The MTN GNAT data bundle was thus opened to all teachers irrespective of their association. Both the registration and purchase were done using a short code. The use of the shortcode to register was stopped. The reason stated for discontinuing the use of the shortcode for registration was that people were abusing the shortcode. This is because charge managers of the data package anytime there was an attempt to use the short for any activity. Therefore the managers of the bundle were paying for members’ actions of trying to access the service even when the window for that activity (registration and purchase) is not opened or available.

Registration of new members is now done using google forms (e-form). Managers of the MTN GNAT data bundle would usually release a registration form using google forms for anyone who wishes to enjoy the package to use for registration. The registration forms are released only when the window is opened for registration. All staff of the GES were then eligible to enjoy the package at this stage.


However, Starting from Monday 10th July, registration of new members is done through manual registration. GNAT members who wish to enjoy the data bundle must forward their details to dedicated phones of the technical team.

Go to NAGRAT bundle for both teachers and non-teachers

Registration window, offer window, complaint window, and terms and conditions

The date allowed for the registration of new members is at the discretion of the managers of the data bundle. The modalities for registration is released during the window by the managers for registration.

The offer window is the window allowed for buying the data. The offer window is usually two days (Sundays and Mondays).

There is also a window for members to lodge complaints about issues being encountered. The issue to be lodged during this particular window is about delayed disbursement of data. The data bundle managers have a telegram platform dedicated to communicating updates and issues about the data package. Everyone is required to join the telegram platform for first-hand information concerning the data package (https://t.me/GNAT_National) Also, there is a dedicated phone number on all documents of the data package for members to reach out to for any complaint

There are terms and conditions regulating the data bundle package. The Google form for registration and the guideline attached to the offer window contains the terms and conditions of the MTN GNAT data bundle package. Reading the terms and conditions of the offer could prevent all other complaints.

Our GNAT data bundle telegram platform is https://t.me/GNAT_National


Update about buying of the GNAT bundle as at Sunday 11th June

The GNAT bundle technical team has provided the following update about the GNAT MTN bundle to members.

This is because the GNAT MTN bundle short code is  not functional as at Sunday. The shortcode for GNAT bundle is *800*08#.

The short code returns a default message ‘sorry. Service not accessible at the moment. Please try again later

The GNAT bundle technical team has, therefore, disclosed that registered beneficiaries will be update on next schedule and procedure as soon as possible’.

But the team used to release purchase notification a day earlier, on Saturdays, towards buying window on Sundays. However, the team did not release any notification yet as at Sunday 8:50 am.

The technical team has indicated a review is ongoing. Additionally, the team cut short the registration window just after a day, instead of a three day window.

Our team will, therefore, keep enquiring from the technical team to provide you latest updates on the GNAT bundle.

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Update about registration as at Monday 12th June

The GNAT data bundle opened registration from 7th to 9th June 2023. However, the three (3) days registration period lasted for only one (1) one day.

The registration was opened last week from Wednesday to Friday. But members could not access the registration from Thursday to Friday.

The registration link returned a feedback that ‘the form June 7th – 9th registration for staff bundle is no longer accepting responses. try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake’.

Report from the GNAT data bundle technical team: The GNAT MTN bundle team has disclosed that the ‘registration has been put on hold until further notice’. The team disclosed that the registration for the package is under review. And the registration will resume in the format that was used before or there could be a modification of the registration modalities.

Registration is normally slated for Wednesdays to Friday in the week deemed fit by the registration team. Members are therefore encouraged the telegram platform for regular updates. Our GNAT data bundle telegram platform is Telegram platform


Update about the challenges of buying the GNAT bundle as at 8:30pm on Monday 12th June

Members are expressing widespread challenge of an inability to access the GNAT bundle package.

The feedback from the GNAT bundle short code is that the service is not currently accessible as at 8:30 pm on Monday 12th.

What to do: The briefing is that, the platform is currently close. Members are therefore required to wait for the latest update or wait for a significant period of time before trying again. Members are, therefore, advised to patronized the package as early as possible when the offer window opens.

Our GNAT data bundle telegram platform is Telegram platform


Update about the challenges of buying the GNAT bundle as at Sunday 9th July

Teachers who waiting to register for the GNAT data bundle are concerned about the delay in the new registration. The last time the technical team opened the registration window was 7th to 9th June. That is exactly about one month ago.


Response from the technical team: The technical team provided a diplomatic response concerning the next registration window. According to the team, they do not want to provide any specific date that the registration window will be opened.


The technical team is performing reviews of the data pack modalities to make it more sustainable.


However, they said the registration link will be sent to all teachers who are already enjoying the package. The message will be sent through text messages just like how the team notifies the members. Teachers who want to register must continue to enquire from their colleagues who are already enjoying the package.


New registration modalities for GNAT data bundle effective 10the July 2023.

Effective 10th July, 2023, The technical team for the GNAT data bundle is doing manual registration of new members for the MTN GNAT data bundle.


The modalities are, therefore, communicated on the telegram platform here https://t.me/GNAT_National. Members are required to join the telegram platform to receive updates concerning the registration modalities, disbursement and complaints modalities.

NAGRAT/ GNAT data bundle fraudsters

It has come to the attention of managers of the package that some unscrupulous people are using the data bundle to dupe unsuspecting people.


The team re-iterate that anyone who demands money to register or buy the data bundle for another person is a fraudster. Teachers and the general public are hereby advised not to patronize anyone who contact them to register or buy the data bundle for them at a fee.

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