July 25, 2024

Teacher attacked agent over insurance policies in Ghana

Insurance polices in Ghana

Insurance polices in Ghana

Teacher attacked agent over insurance policies in Ghana

A teacher created a scene today over insurance policies in Ghana. The teacher created the incident that occurred in one of the Senior High Schools (SHS) in the country.

Insurance agents visited the school of the teacher today. The agents visited the school to sell their insurance products. That is life insurance policies, educational policies, and insurance policies relating generally to family life.

The teacher who was afar noticed the presence of the agents. The infuriated teacher started signaling his colleagues to avoid the insurance. He was talking at the top of his voice to ask his colleagues not to listen to agents. Especially the promises in the insurance policies in Ghana

The insurance agents then walk to him without understanding what he was telling his colleagues. It was during the close contact between the insurance agents and the teacher the showdown started.

The teacher who was physically sacking the insurance agents disclosed his reasons for his actions to the agents and other teachers. Reasons that can be considered an indictment on the insurance policies in Ghana.

The teacher’s concern was that he was given a raw deal by the insurance company in question. He read all the terms and conditions that were presented to him by the institution. He claimed he read the terms and conditions before signing up for the policy.

However, the insurance company failed to fulfill its part of the bargain when the time came for the insurance company to redeem its promises.

Teacher’s concern

Firstly, the teacher claimed deductions of the insurance premium continued for about three (3) months after he decided to surrender the policy. The teacher confirmed that the deductions even stopped after making extra efforts to use the platform of other avenues. For instance, the wrongful deduction on the payslip platform, writing to the insurance company multiple times, etc.

Secondly, the teacher is yet to receive the refund of his over deductions. The company is yet to refund the deductions despite efforts to claim the amount from the company

Additionally, the insurance company could not provide the interest it promised. Per the policy documents, policyholders are entitled to certain percentages on the premium they contributed whenever. But the company introduced another clause about when a policyholder could obtain such benefits. Though the company did not provide such a clause in the policy document at the time the teacher enrolled in the policy.

Finally, The company rather surcharged the teacher for surrendering the policy before maturity. The mode of operations of the insurance companies rather made him lose interest in insurance policies in Ghana.

Other teachers came out

The insurance agents had no option but to withstand the experiences of other teachers. The other teachers now came out in their numbers to disclose their displeasure about insurance policies in Ghana.

Other teachers only share their experiences similar to the ones expressed by the previous teacher. They complain about the inconsistency in the insurance policies in Ghana. The companies present a set of clauses whenever anyone wants to surrender a policy which is different from the terms at the start of the policy.

The teachers also stated that insurance companies are reluctant to stop premium deductions whenever policies are surrendered.

A refund from the insurance companies is also the most talked about. The companies provide a refund of over-deducted funds only when they feel like it and after causing inconvenience to the policyholder.

Trivia comment

A colleague staff member disclosed an interesting point of view. He stated that he would rather buy a goat to rear than buy an insurance policy. His position was based on the treatment meted out to him when he surrendered an insurance policy in the past.

The said teacher stated his reason for preferring goat rearing to buying insurance. According to him, even if the goat dies, he could cook and eat the goat. Therefore, he will not lose any part of his money. Rather, the goat can produce multiple times in a year for him.

Better holding insurance policies in Ghana.

There is a total lack of transparency in selling insurance policies in Ghana. Agents prefer telling the sweet part of the policies and being silent on the discouraging part of the policies.

However, it is better to hold insurance policies in Ghana despite the issues raised by the teachers above.

Most issues associated with insurance are when policyholders decided to surrender their policy before maturity.

Accordingly, individuals must hold their policies up to maturity to enjoy the full benefits of the policy. However, individuals surrender their policy due to conditions that were not available at the time they signed up for the policy. This includes a financial and better understanding of the policy in the future.

All the issues stated above only lead to sentiments against insurance policies in Ghana

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2 thoughts on “Teacher attacked agent over insurance policies in Ghana

  1. So they are .
    Sometimes ago , one insurance company came and introduced a policy at my work place which l decided to buy, I filled a form without given out my staff ID .
    We agreed that by the end of the month he should come for my staff ID.
    The next week l couldn’t go to work due to ill-health which this poppycock ,nicodemusly came to my superior that l bought a policy but didn’t give my staff ID and have asked him to come for it from him (my boss).
    He too thought childishly gave it out to this nitwit without confirming from me
    The following month the reduction started.
    When l aproached their Office in Sunyani , they told me that it will be haulted the next month.
    It took me six month with the intervention of an officer at the CAGD that it haulted. Another four months before they refunded the money.
    I had want to arrest both my boss and the agent but because of other staff member l stopped.
    They come in sheep skin and right they got you into their web , you will regret it.

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