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2018 Integrated Science WASSCE Past Questions And Answers For Ghanaians (Objectives)

2018 Integrated Science WASSCE

2018 Integrated Science WASSCE

2018 Integrated Science WASSCE Past Questions And Answers For Ghanaians (Objectives)

Candidates are required to used one (1) hour to attempt all the fifty (50) 2018 Integrated Science WASSCE past questions. All questions carry equal marks.


Objectives Questions of 2018 Integrated Science WASSCE Past Questions

1 The component of white light which is most deviated when light is dispersed is

A. blue B. red  C. violet  D. yellow


2. Which of the following characters in humans is sex-linked

A. Baldness  B. Skin colour  C. eye colour  D. Sickle cell


3. An example of an abiotic factors in an ecosystem is

A. altitude  B. grazing  C. predation   D. Shading


4. Alkanoic acids contain

A. carbon atoms and hydrogen atioms only

B. carbons atoms and oxygen atoms only

C. carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms only

D. carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms and nitrogen atoms only


5. Which of the following minerals is not needed by crops in large quantities

A. calcium  B. iron  C. nitrogen  D. Phosphorus


6. A rigid bar that is supported by at a point about which turning occurs is

A. lever  B. pulley  C. wheel and axle  D. inclined plane


7.One criterion used in the classification of domestic rabbit is the

A. age  B eye colour  C. height  D. size


8. Which of the following chemical substances is toxic?

A. Potassium cyanide  B. Sodium hydroxide  C. Hydrogen peroxide  D. Calcium oxide


9. The unit of heredity found in the chromosomes is

A. centriole

B. deoxyribonucleic acid

C. mitochondrion


10. endoplasmic reticulum


11. Which of the following elements is a constituent of brass

A. iron  B. Magnesium  C. Tin  D. Zinc


11. The process in the hydrological cycle which results in water vapour  condensing and falling on the earth surface is

A. evaporation  B. infiltration  C. precipitation  D. sublimation


12. The centre of gravity of a body is

A. always at its centre

B. a point where its total mass is always concentrated

C. always at its end

D. a point where it can be supported to be in equilibrium


13. Which of the following crops is a root vegetable

A. carrot  B. ginger  C. lettuce  D. onion


14. The aim of the ring experiment in a flowering plant is to demonstrate that

A. water is transported by the xylem

B. food substances are transported by the phloem

C. food substances are formed in the stem

D. water is excreted from the stem


15. Which of the following properties is associated with ionic compounds? They

A. are soluble in organic solvents

B. conduct electricity in the molten state

C. have low melting and boiling points

D. consist of molecules


16. The sedimentary rock is also referred to as

A. stratified rock

B. slated rock

C. silical rock

D. separated rock


17. On similarity o arteries and capallaries is that both have

A. permeable walls

B. muscular walls

C. no valves

D. large lumens


18. Which of the following instruments is most suitable for measuring the thickness of razor blade?

A. Metre rule  B. Micrometer screw guage  C. Vernier callipers  D. Surveyor’s tape


19. The chemical which is most likely to have highly inflammable hazard symbol on its container is

A. ethanol B. mercury  C. ammonium hydroxide  D. sodium hydroxide


20 The part of the maize grain which grows into the shoot is the

A. cotyledon   B. endosperm  C. plumule  D. radicle


21. An effort of 120 N was used to overcome a load of 80 N. What is the mechanical advantage of the system?

A. 0.67  B. 1.50  C 40.00   D. 200.00


22. Which of the following reactions can produce salt and water only?

A. NaOH(aq)+ CH3COOH(aq)

B. NaOH(aq)+ NH3(aq)

C. NH3(aq)+ H2O(l)

D. NaCl(aq)+ AgNO3(aq)


23. The best way of harvesting hot pepper is by

A. shaking the plant

B. handpicking the fruits

C. allowing the fruit to drop naturally

D. cutting the fruit with a sharp knife


24. The area occupied by the box placed on a table is 2.0m2. If the box exerts a pressure of 50 Pa on the table, calculate the mass o the box (g= 10ms-2)

A. 2.5kg  B. 10.0kg  C. 100.0kg  D. 1000.0kg


25. Which of the following substances would have a pH below 7?

A. pure water  B. milk of magnesia  C. wood ash  D. lemon juice

Consider the food chain below and use it to answer questions 26 and 27.

Grass > Earthworm > Frog > Hawk


26. Which of the organisms is the primary consumer

A. earthworm  B. frog  C. grass  D. hawk

27. The organism which obtains the least energy is

A. earthworm  B. frog  C. grass  D. hawk


28. In cattle, anaemia, damaged skin and heart-water disease are caused by

A. liver-fluke  B. roundworm  C. tapeworm  D. tick


29. In a simple machine, the force that overcomes the resistance is

A. effort  B. lever  C. load  D. pivot


30. A molar solution o KHSO4contains (k= 39, H = 1, S= 32, O = 16))

A. 80g of KHSO4in 1 dm3of solution

B. 100g of KHSO4in 100cm3of solution

C. 120g of KHSO4in 1000cm3of solution

D. 136g of KHSO4in 1dm3o solution


31. Which of the following functions are associated with mammalian skeleton? It

I. stores calcium and phosphates

II. protects vital internal organs

III. produces red blood cells

IV. stores proteins

A I and II only   B.  III and IV only   C. I, II and III only  D. II, III and IV only


32. The most appropriate  time to transplant vegetable seedlings is

A. dawn  B. mid-day  C. sunrise  D. sunset


33. Rainbow formation is a practical illustration of the light phenomenon known as

A. dispersion  B. interference  C. mirage  D. reflection


34. An example o a metalloid is

A. magnesium  B. potassium  C. phosphorus  D. silicon


35. Which of the following statements about animals are correct

I. movement is quick and visible

II. chloroplast is absent

III. they have thick cellulose cell wall

A. I and II only  B. I and III only  C. II and III only  D. I, II and III


36. The main reason for trimming the sides of a vegetable bed is to control

A. run-off water  B. leaching of nutrients  C. breaking of bed  D. soil erosion


37. Which of the following observations is a direct consequence of thermal expansion

I. cracks in concrete slabs

II. sagging of electric cables

III. buckling in railway lines

IV. crakling noise from roofing sheets

A I, II and IV only  B. I, III and IV only  C. II, III and IV only  D. I, II, III and IV


38. A solution of volume 500cm3contains 9.80g of H2SO4. Determine its molar concentration (S= 32, O = 16, H =1)

A. 0.10M  B. 0.20M  C. 0.40M   D. 0.50M


39. A ball and socket joint in the human body does not allow

A. circular movement

B. side to side movement

C. up and down movement

D. gliding movement


40. The best way of controlling endoparasites in cattle is through

A. rotational grazing  B. early morning grazing  C. dipping the animals D. spraying the animal with recommended pesticides.


41. An electrical circuit consist of a 2V cell connected to a 5W resistor. Determine the amount of current through the resistor when the circuit is closed

A. 0.4A   B. 1.0A  C. 2.5A  D. 4.0A


42. Which of the following hydrocarbons is an alkyne?

A. C2H2 B. C2H4 C. C3H6   D. C3H8


43. An example of multicellular organism is

A. amoeba  B. euglena  C. paramecium  D. Rhizopus


44. Farmers prefer to grow crops on loamy soils because loamy soils

I. usually contain large amount of plant nutrients

II. protect the crops from injury

III. have equal amounts of clay and sand

IV. hold plant firmly

Which of the statements above is/are correct?

A I only  B. I and II only   C. I and III only  D. I and IV only


45. A precaution that has to be taken when using a liquid-in-glass thermometer is

A. holding the bulb in hand when in use

B. taking the reading quickly before thermal equilibrium is attained

C. ensuring that the bulb is fully immersed in the substance

D. ensuring that the bulb touches the vessel containing the substance


46. Soap itch the skin when it contains excess

A. acid  B. alkali  C. fat  D. glycerol


47. The gas in the atmosphere that absorb ultra violet rays is

A. carbon (IV) oxide  B. nitrogen  C. oxygen  D. ozone


48. A soil is considered fertile when it

A. contains a lot of living organisms

B. is highly aerated

C. has high water retention ability

D. can support adequate crop yield


49. The energy possessed by a student on top of a building is

A. chemical energy  B. heat energy  C. kinetic energy  D. potential energy


50. Which of the following statements about water is correct?

A. green  B. red  C. white  D. yellow


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Answers To The 2018 Integrated Science WASSCE Past Questions

1 C

2 A

3 A

4 C

5 B

6 A

7 B

8 A

9 B

10 D

11 C

12 D

13 A

14 B

15 B

16 A

17 C

18 B

19 A

20 C

21 A

22 A

23 D

24 B

25 D

26 A

27 D

28 D

29 A

30 D

31 C

32 D

33 A

34 D

35 A

36 B

37 D

38 B

39 D

40 A

41 A

42 A

43 D

44 C

45 C

46 B

47 D

48 D

49 D

50 D

It is our hope that answering this 2018 Integrated Science WASSCE past questions will prepare the students adequately for the any upcoming WASSCE examination.

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