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Social Studies Question by Topics | Peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the youth and national development

Social studies question by topics

Social studies question by topics

Social Studies Question by Topics | Peacebuilding and conflict resolution, the youth and national development

Social studies question by topics is needed for both teachers and students. The questions by topics will enable teachers to easily locate sample questions to evaluate their students.


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Unit: Peacebuilding and conflict resolution

Part 1: Objectives

Social studies question by topics

1. One procedure for the settlement of labour disputes is through

a. confrontation b. arbitration c. agitation d. intimidation


2. Factions will find it difficult to achieve an amicable solution in an atmosphere of

a. suspicion b fairness c. right conduct d. respect for each other


3. One of the following is less likely to cause conflicts in society

a. sympathy b. discrimination c. injustice d. greed


4. One social effect of conflict is

a. destruction of property b. loss of lives c. displacement of people d. derailment of government budget


5. All the following can help a country manage a conflict situation except

a. arbitration b. compromise c. confrontation d. dialogue


Social studies question by topics

6. Which of the following will help people to appreciate and accept national opinions in Ghana?

a. common language b. common dress code c. tolerance d. honesty


7. One of the following is not a factor of fueling conflicts in Africa today

a. power struggle b. ethnic politics c. adherence to democratic principles d. availability of arms


8. A conflict between two individuals is referred to as

a. intra-personal b. inter-personal c. inter group d. intra group


9. All these are causes of conflict except a. greed b. discrimination c. justice d. abusing the rights of others


10. Individuals, nations and communities need patience, hope and  …… in negotiating for peaceful to peaceful co-existence a. aggression b. constitution c. tolerance d. law


Part 2: Written

Social studies question by topics

11. a. Explain peacebuilding and conflict resolution

b. Suggest four (4) ways of resolving conflicts in your community


12. a. Identify four (4) sources of conflicts

b. Examine four (4) effects of conflicts on the society


13. Outline five (5) conditions necessary for peacebuilding


14. Examine four (4) processes of conflict resolution


Unit: The youth and national development | Social studies question by topics

Part 1: Objectives

Social studies question by topics

1. The attainment of …….. is the ultimate of national development

a. improved quality of life of her people b. freedom, equality and liberty

c. universal franchise d. population increase


2. National development is achieved through the

a. effective mobilization and utilization of a nation’s resources

b. voting the right candidate as president

c. use of free and fair elections at presidential and parliamentary polls

d. effective mobilization of funds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)


3. What is the most suitable definition of the term ‘youth’?

a. all school-age people, irrespective of their ages

b. the most active and potential manpower of the population, usually seen as between the ages of ten and twenty-five years

c. all persons that depend on the support of the adult members of the society

d. the most active, yet unemployed members of society between the ages of ten and twenty-five


4. What role can the youth perform in national development?

a. formation of youth associations b. potential replacement for the aged

c. always approaching the banks for investment d. resisting authority once they believe they are right


5. To improve investment in their communities, the youth can

a. solicit help from the IMF and the World Bank b. ask support from only the World Bank

c. undertake activities that promote tourism d. remain law-abiding and respectful


Social studies question by topics

6. Education and training are essential in preparing the youth for

a. better Ghana agenda b. career opportunities c. optimum physical development d. role-models


7. How is the formation of clubs important in preparing the youth for national development?

a. they are avenues that identify and utilize the potentials of the youth

b. they could be avenues for cultivating bad behaviors

c. they are avenues for deciding to support the best candidate in presidential elections

d. they give a forum for criticizing government that members do not like


8. Celebrating role-models is essential for preparing the youth for national development because

a. it is important in identifying the deviants in society

b. modern cultures from developed countries are learnt

c. those who are celebrated remain grateful for hat society has done for them

d. it is a source of encouragement to emulate


9. Foreign influence contributes to falling moral standards in the youth because hey lead to

a. erosion of traditional values and norms

b. conflicts in modernization

c. imitation of European values

d. conflict in religious doctrines


10. Nation building in Ghana can be hindered by

a. apathy and population explosion

b. mismanagement of resources and inadequate resources

c. low literacy rate and poor ethnics at job places

d. corruption and low illiteracy among citizens


Part 2: Written

Social studies question by topics

11. a. Explain the ‘youth’

b. Outline four (4) characteristics of the youth


12. Discuss five (5) major roles of the youth in national development


13. In what five (5) ways can the youth contribute to the socio-economic development of their communities


14. Identify five (5) reasons that account for the increase in deviant behaviour among the youth in Ghana


15. Examine five (5) challenges facing the youth in their effort to contribute to national development


Social studies question by topics

16. Examine five (5) benefits of savings to (a) the individual and (b) the country


17. Examine five (5) ways in which the individual can cultivate the habit of savings


18. a. Explain the following terms: i. savings ii. investment iii. insurance iv. shares

b. Identify four (4) avenues by which a student can plain for the future

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