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Social Studies Questions by Topics | Self identity, adolescent reproductive health

social studies questions by topics

social studies questions by topics

Social Studies Questions by Topics | Self identity, adolescent reproductive health

These are standard social studies questions by topics that teachers can use to evaluate students. Students who perform well in answering these questions will pass their exam.


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Unit: Self identity

Part 1: Objectives

social studies questions by topics

1. The true character of a person is called

a. real-other of an individual b. ideal-other c. real-self d. other-self


2. ‘Self’ refers to a. social status of an individual b. body and mind considered together

c. differences between an individual and others d. whole being of an individual


3. To develop the ‘self’, the individual must be prepared to

a. study society and its values b. take risk and venture into new areas

c. do self-analysis d. sacrifice himself for a nation


4. One of the things that can discourage us from discovering and developing our capabilities is

a. career counselling b. education c. love and care from family d. preservation of culture


5. According to Abraham Maslow, of all the following needs, the highest is

a. the feeling of security and safety b. shelter c. social class d. self-fulfillment


Social studies questions by topics

6. Self-confidence can be built through a. self-medication b. self-determination

c. self-defense d. self-humiliation


7. When a person fails to appreciate himself or herself, he or she is said to have a negative or poor

a. education b. family background c. self-confidence d. self-image


8. Which of the following factors can not equip a child to help build his society?

a. hospitality b. passiveness c. respect for old age d. control of the environment


9. A self-actualized person is associated with

a. higher education b. good health c. abundant wealth d. high determination


10. The two factors that affect an individual’s personality are

a. age and experience b. heredity and environment c. religion and wealth d. education and wealth


Part 2: Written

social studies questions by topics

11. Define the following terms:

a. self-identity b. self c. self-concept d. self-confidence e. capabilities f. personality


12. Examine five (5) ways by which individuals develop their capabilities


13. Identify five (5) factors that will hinder the individual from developing his or her capabilities


14. Explain five (5) reasons why th individual should know himself or herself


15. Highlight four (4) importance of self-identity


16. a. Draw Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

b. Explain the first four levels of Maslow’s Theory of Needs


17. a. Who is a self-actualised individual

b. Discuss four characteristics of a self-actualized individual.


Unit: Adolescent reproductive health

Part 1: Objective

social studies questions by topics

1. One advantage of an adolescent abstaining from pre-marital sex is

a. getting a better marriage partner b. protection from unwanted pregnancy

c. giving birth to intelligent children d. getting better employment opportunities


2. One physical change that occurs in the male adolescent is the maturation of

a. intelligence b. reproductive organs c. resourcefulness d. behavioral traits


3. The spread of sexually transmitted diseases can be limited through

a. conducting frequent STDS test b. isolating STDs patients

c. discouraging promiscuity d. encouraging homosexuality


4. The most cherished value expected of an adolescent in any given society is

a. patience b. honesty c. hospitality d. chastity


5. During the period of adolescence females experience

a. deepening of the voice b. broadening of the shoulders

c. widening of the hips d. decrease in height


social studies questions by topics

6. The most effective way to reduce teenage pregnancy in the society is to

a. refrain from involving girls in the family decision making process

b. punish girls who become pregnant

c. assist the girls in looking for good husbands

d. keep girls in school for as long as possible


7. The only means by which adolescents can be completely protected from sexually transmitted diseases is through

a. the use of contraceptive b. reduction in sexual activity c. keeping one partner d. sexual abstinence


8. Which of the following is a sexually transmitted disease?

a. syphilis b. meningitis c. buruli ulcer d. trypanosomiasis


9. Sex education a. helps reduce teenage pregnancy b. increases the country’s population

c. endangers the life of the youth d. encourages immorality


10. A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being in all matters relating to the productive system, and to its functions and processes is referred to as

a. sexual awareness b. reproductive health c. reproductive function d. reproductive maturity


Part 2: Written

social studies questions by topics

11. a. What is adolescent chastity?

b. Explain four (4) benefits of chastity to the adolescent


12. a. Distinguish between reproductive health  and reproductive right

b. In what four (4) ways do early pregnancy and childbirth affect the young mother?


13. Why is there the need for reproductive health education for adolescents?


14. Discuss five (5) ways in which Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) can be prevented


15. a Explain the term ‘reproductive right’

b. Discuss four (4) factors that account for the increase in teenage pregnancy in Ghana


6. a. What do you understand by the concept ‘Good Gender Relations’?

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