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GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

Ghana Secondary Technical School, GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

Ghana Secondary Technical school is one of the best second cycle schools in the country. The teachers at the school are some of the best in the country. These GSTS WASSCE government mock questions for WASSCE candidates are one of the best standard questions any candidate must attempt before the final WASSCE paper.


Paper 2: Essay (60 marks)

Section A: Elements of Government

Answer two questions only from this section. GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

1. Identify five factors that can promote constitutionalism (15 marks)


2. a. What is parliamentary system of government (3 marks)

b. State three differences between parliamentary and presidential system of government (6 marks)

c. Outline three differences between political parties and pressure groups (6 marks)


3. Explain five factors that influence the delimitation of constituencies (15 marks)


4. a. Define the following features of the civil service (3 marks)

i. anonymity ii. permanence

b. Highlight three problems that the civil service of your country faces (6 marks)

c. Explain three importance of political neutrality and anonymity of the civil service (6 marks)


5. Highlight any three factors that determine legitimacy (6 marks)

b. In what three ways can elections be made free and fair in your country (9 marks)


Section B: Political and constitutional development in West Africa and International Relation.

Answer two questions only from these sections. GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

6. In what five ways can the pre-colonial government be described as democratic (15 marks)


7. a. Highlight three factors that promoted nationalist activities in the Gold Coast between 1946 and 1951 (6 marks)

b. Outline any three contributions of the West African Students Union (WASU) to the nationalist movement in British West Africa (9 marks)


8. a. State three composition of the Supreme Court under the 1992 constitution of Ghana (3 marks)

b. Outline three functions of the Supreme Court of Ghana under the 1992 constitution. (12 marks)


9. a. Briefly explain three factors that led to the military coup d’etat of 24th February, 1966 in Ghana (6 marks)

b. Outline three reasons people prefer democratic government to military regimes (9 marks)


10. a. Describe the origin of the Commonwealth (3 marks)

b. Identify four benefits derived by being a member of the commonwealth  (12 marks)


Paper 1: Objectives

Answer all the questions. GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

1. Which of the following limits the sovereignty of Ghana

a. the armed forces b. membership of international organizations

c. constitutional constraints d. statutory instruments


2. The state of Ghana is legally governed with

a. a draft constitution b. an approved constitution c. By-laws d. statutory instruments


3. Ratification of foreign treaties between Ghana and other countries is don by the

a. Judiciary b. legislature c. ambassador d. constitution


4. the majority leader in parliament is a spokesman of the

a. president b. ruling party c. opposition parties d. legitimacy


5. Supreme power of the state over its citizens unrestrained by law refers to

a. Authority b. decree c. sovereignty d. legitimacy


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

6. Which of the following officials ensures orderly debate in the legislature

a. the minority leader b. the majority leader c. the speaker d. the clerk


7. A fixed period of a state of emergency cannot be extended by the executive unless

a. presidential assent is given b. parliamentary approval is sought

c. court injunction is sought d. an approval is given by the council of state


8. Rules and regulations made by local governments emanate from

a. judiciary b. general orders c. delegated legislation d. common laws


9. A function of the judiciary is to

a. protect the head of state b. execute the law c. review actions of judges d. administer justice


10. The supreme court hears cases from the a. high courts b. appeal courts c. circuit courts d. magistrate courts


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

11. The judiciary is considered as independent when it is

a. constituted by qualified judges b. free from external control

c. given the necessary logistics d. superior to other organs of government


12. The principle of separation of powers prevents

a. nepotism b. ethnocentrism c. corruption d. dictatorship


13. Strict adherence to the principles of checks and balances among the organs of government can hinder

a. supremacy of the law b. smooth running of government

c. the functioning of press freedom d. the activities of aliens


14. The rule of law implies the

a. supremacy of the constitution b. codification of all by-laws

c. honoring of all international laws d. eradication of customary laws


15. Adherence to the rule of law helps to protect

a. the security of judges b. fundamental human rights

c. the interest of law makers d. the welfare of the president


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

16. The immunity of judges and diplomats puts limitations on the principle of

a. checks and balances b. separation of powers c. rule of law d. supremacy of parliament


17. Foreigners acquire citizenship mainly by  a. birth b. decent c. naturalization d. adoption


18. Which of the following courts has appellate jurisdiction over the court of appeal

a. high court b. supreme court c. circuit court d. magistrate court


19. Which of the following is a feature of a  federal state

a. court of appeal b. constitution c. central bank d. consolidated bank


20. Which of the following is not involved in the process of the administration of justice

a. the police b. barristers c. legislators d. magistrates


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

21. Which of the following is not a function of a political party

a. recruitment of political leaders b. preparing of manifestoes

c. aggregation of interests d. organizing labour movements


22. An advantage of a two-party system is that it

a. prevents military intervention b. promotes minority interest

c. provides strong opposition d. promotes inter-party discipline


23. Pressure groups influence the legislature to achieve their demands through

a. lobbying b. debates c. bribery d. confrontation


24. The Ghana Bar Association is a pressure group serving the interest of

a. legal practitioners or lawyers b. journalists c. restaurant operators d. health workers


25. The civil service is an administrative wing of the

a. judiciary b. executive c. legislature d. presidency


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

26. Public opinion is scientifically measured through

a. the mass media b. opinion polls c. referenda d. elections


27. The most effective means of disseminating information to the rural area is through the

a. newspaper b. internet c. journals d. radio


28. The electoral system in Ghana is based on

a. simple majority b. proportional representation c. alternative vote system d. Open ballot system.


29. The legitimacy of a government is conferred through

a. free and transparent elections b. an oath swearing ceremony c. public opinion poll d. the use of propaganda


30. One effect of indirect rule was that it

a. introduced modernization in traditional governance b. accelerated constitutional development

c. discouraged conflict between the chief and the elite b. encouraged communal differences based on ethnicity


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

31. The major reason for the British colonization of West Africa was to

a. control natural resources b. spread Christianity c. introduce western education d. stop slave trade


32. Petitions from nationalist in British West African colonies were received by the

a. colonial secretary b. secretary of state c. prime minister d. monarch


33. The major functions of the legislative council in the Gold Coast was the

a. Formulation of policies b. implementation of policies c. passing of ordinates d. maintenance of laws


34. People in the crown colonies were protected by

a. case laws b. British laws c. the rule of law d. by-laws


35. Indirect rule undermined the institution of chieftaincy in the Gold Coast through

a. arbitrary deposition and enstoolment of chiefs b. encroachment on stool lands

c. installing educated elites as chiefs d. sideling chiefs in the administration of the country


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

36. The colonial governor was described as a dictator because he exercised

a. control over the secretary of state b. veto and reversed power

c. power over the entire West Africa d. authority over the British crown


37. The four communes of French West Africa were locate in a. Togo b. Guinea c. Cote d’Ivoire d. Senegal


38. Loi Cadre in 1956 granted

a. full independence to the French colonies b. territorial autonomy to the French colonies

c. indirect rule to French colonies d. loan to all the French colonies


39. The West African Students Union (WASU) was founded by

a. Casely Hayford b. John Mensah Sarba c. Ladipo Solanke d. Herbert Macuauley


40. Natinalism in the Gold Coast after 1945 is described a militant because it was characterized by

a. military intervention b. strikes and demonstration c. formation of professional groups d. activities of chiefs


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

41. One factor that helped the Convention People Party (CPP) to win the 1951 election was Kwame Nkrumah’s

a. charisma b. patience c. tolerance d. loyalty


42. The Watson Commission was set up to investigate the causes of the

a. cocoa hold-up b. positive action c. 1948 riot d. post-war unemployment


43. The 1957 independence constitution did not make Ghana a complete sovereign state because the

a. Governor-General was the head of state . cabinet ministers were not accountable to parliament

c. prime minister could not initiate policies d. country had no diplomatic missions abroad


44. Regional assemblies were created under the 1957 constitution of Ghana to satisfy the demands of the

a. secessionists b. federalists c. democrats d. workers


45. The establishment of the office of the Ombudsman was a feature of the

a. Arden Clerks Constitution of 1951 b. Nkrumah’s Constitution of 1954

c. Republican Constitution of 1960 d. Republican Constitution of 1969


GSTS WASSCE Government Mock Questions

46. Which of the following is the lowest structure of the Local Government system in Ghana

a. District assembly b. Area council c. Unit committees d. Zonal council


47. The effectiveness of the organization of African Unity (OAU) can be realized by

a. encouraging foreign powers to establish military bases on the continent

b. Promoting friction among the warring factions

c. adopting armed struggle instead of dialogue

d. promoting good governance and democracy by members


48. The most outstanding achievement of the United Nations organization is

a. preventing of another world war b. appointment of secretaries-general

c. escalation of the middle east crisis d. enlargement of the membership of the security council


49. Most member countries of the British Empire transformed into the

a. European union b. commonwealth of nation c. United Nations organization d. Non-aligned movement


50. The main decision-making forum of the commonwealth is the

a. commonwealth secretariat b. head of the commonwealth

c. commonwealth head of Government meeting d. commonwealth chairperson-in-office

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