April 15, 2024

Secure sample assurance letter in Ghana Education Service easily

sample assurance letter

sample assurance letter

Secure sample assurance letter in Ghana Education Service easily

A sample assurance letter is provided by a district or a school (in the case of senior high schools). The letter indicates a vacancy in the school or the district. The sample assurance letter reserves a vacancy for the applicant.

Previously, an assurance letter from a senior high school (SHS) is valid enough. However, the Ghana Education Service has introduced a new reform. That is, the district must add an assurance letter to the one issued by the school. Therefore, the district must issue an additional assurance letter to the one issued by the school. The assurance letter issued by the school is only a precondition for the one to be issued by the district.

A teacher seeking transfer to another school or district must first obtain the assurance letter. The teacher must apply for an assurance letter from the new school or district. The new school or district must be satisfied with the documentation of the applicant before the sample assurance letter is issued to him or her.

Why sample assurance letter is needed

The sample assurance letter is needed for a smooth transfer process. This is because your existing district needs to be sure there is a vacancy in the district or school where you wish to go.

The teacher will be inconvenienced if he or she is released but gets rejected at the new station. Additionally, the teacher will be underutilized if he or she is accepted at a station there is no vacancy. Finally, a teacher being underutilized will lead to a loss of national resources.

The sample assurance letter is primarily to match teachers and schools proportionately. Matching teachers and schools will prevent teachers from being overcrowded in certain schools or geographical areas.

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How to write the application for the sample assurance letter

(Your address)
P. O. Box 1
Mafk, West Gonja District.
Savannah Region, Ghana

(New district/ school address)
The District Director
Ghana Education Service
Kumasi Metro

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Application For An Assurance Of Vacancy

Staff ID:
REG. No:
Qualification (only relevant ones):
Present school/ district:
Subject/level applied for:

I write to apply for a vacancy assurance in your district. I am a professional teacher who has been teaching since the year 2019 in my current district.

I am a holder of (degree/diploma) from (awarding institution) and am applying to teach (subject/ primary/ pre-school) in your district.

My application to teach in your district is to enable me to get closer to my (partner or aged parent).

I would be very grateful if granted the opportunity to teach in your district. Attached are copies of my document.

I look forward to hearing from you very soon. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Documents needed

The new districts need certain documents for the request to be successful. All documents must be in duplicates. The documents needed are
1. The application letter itself
2. First appointment letter
3. Current payslip
4. Certificates
5. Last promotion letter
6. Personal records form
7. Two passport-size pictures
8. Confidential letter from your immediate supervisor

New requirement

The Ghana Education Service introduced a confidential report as the latest requirement needed to acquire a sample assurance letter. GES has introduced the confidential report for two main reasons.
1. To determine the overall persona of the applicant.
2. To prevent applicants from initiating the process of transfer without the knowledge of their supervisors. The supervisors will be unable to make provisions to replace a teacher if he or she is could not make prior arrangements.

However, Supervisors are using confidential reports to create trouble at various stations. This is because some supervisors are using the confidential report to sabotage their subordinates.

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