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Fanaa canoe survivors seeing things in dreams etc | Watch video

Fanaa canoe survivors

Fanaa canoe survivors

Fanaa canoe survivors seeing things in dreams etc | Watch video

A canoe carrying a score of children on the island of Fanaa capsized about two weeks ago. Fanaa is located in the Ga South municipality. The canoe was carrying 12 people. The children were aged between one and a half and thirteen years old. Unfortunately, nine (9) of the children died. Three of the children were lucky to survive. These Fanaa canoe survivors are however experiencing psychological complications. Attached is the link to video https://www.facebook.com/100004331616080/posts/2469326946555002/?app=fbl

The accident

The canoe accident occurred on 11th May 2023. The canoe was hand-paddled and captained by a 13-year-old pupil.

According to the survivors, the small boat was overloaded. However, they had no choice not to join. This is because the canoe is the only one available.

Unfortunately, the strong tidal wave hit the canoe shortly after taking off. Though the passengers raised concerns about returning to shore, the 13-year-old captain assured that nothing would happen.

The canoe capsized mid-way through the journey. Nine of the children lost their lives. The three (3) survivors include the captain, Atsu, and Ms Ekpe.

Burial Fanaa canoe survivors and customs of Fanaa

They buried the dead children three days later. The burial took place on the 14th of May 2023. They buried the children in a neighboring community. That is Tsokome also in Ga South Municipality.

They could not bury the children in Fanaa because it is against the custom of the community. The custom is that dead people can not be buried in Fanaa. Also, childbirth can not take place in the community.

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Promises to victims

A high-powered delegation, led by the Greater Regional Minister, attended the burial ceremony. The Fanaa canoe survivors were visibly shaken. The government delegation made promises to the families of both the dead and survivors. The promises include:

a. A standard canoe to help furry the children to and from school.
b. A life jacket would also be provided to the school children and teachers.
c. An amount of ten thousand Ghana cedis (Ghc10,000) was also promised to the families.  A cheque was duly issued on the burial day. The was issued by the regional minister.
d. psychological therapy was also promised to be offered to the Fanaa canoe survivor. However, this promise, which is urgently required, is yet to be provided.

Teachers abandon school

It has been reported that teachers who must also cross the river daily to and from school have stopped going to school. It is yet to be known the primary reason the teachers have stopped going to school. But it could be related to the shock everyone in the community has to bear.

The psychological state of the Fanaa canoe survivors

A team that visited the community and found shocking revelations. The Fanaa canoe survivors have stopped going to school. Atsu, the captain of the canoe, and Ms. Ekpe have never reported to school after the accident.

Captain Atsu

The captain of the canoe, Atsu, has disclosed that he is unable to sleep after the incident. He mentioned that he sees himself paddling the canoe anytime he tries to sleep. The thought continue to haunt him.


In the case of Ms. Ekpe, she was also unable to sleep. She mentioned that she sees her younger sibling in her dreams. The younger sibling was one of the dead victims. Ekpe tried to save her sister but could not. She sees herself carrying the sister in an attempt to save her on the water.

Additionally, Ms. Ekpe only chews her thumb and dresses all the time. She is unable to do anything. Attached is the link to video https://www.facebook.com/100004331616080/posts/2469326946555002/?app=fbl

Absence of psychological therapy

The news team found no psychological assistance to the Fanaa canoe survivors. And it is believed that psychological therapy could have lessened the trauma on the survivors

Committee formed

The government delegation constitute a seven-member committee and tasked them to unravel the cause and solution to the problem. Especially to prevent future occurrences of canoe accidents involving school children.

The committee must present its report on Monday, 29th May 2023.

17 schoolchildren drowned in 5 months

Africa Education Watch, a policy think tank in the education space, has tallied 17 deaths within five (5) months. According to Eduwatch, the continued neglect of children in island communities is unacceptable.

The CEO, Kofi Asare, bemoaned the situation where government waits until a disaster occurs before taking action is unjustifiable and irresponsible

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