July 25, 2024

What is aviator betting? Another teacher loses big

Aviator betting

Aviator betting

What is aviator betting? Another teacher loses big

According to Merriam-webster.com, an aviator is the operator or pilot of an aircraft and especially an airplane. He or she is in charge of the distance and direction of the aircraft. Aviator betting platform is developed around the original meaning.

However, the name aviator has been adopted. The betting industry adopted the name aviator.

Aviator betting is simply a betting platform. The platform uses a miniature aircraft. The miniature flies to infinitive levels of distance. The aircraft could even drop in an attempt to fly. But, the aircraft can fly as long as it can.

People have to bet how long the aircraft can fly. That is deciding how far the aircraft would go.

Aviator betting

The aviator is not spinning to win a game. In a spin-to-win game, the player waits till the spin stops. You win or lose after the spin stops.

In the case of the aviator, there is no need to wait for the aircraft to stop flying. The bet is considered to be lost when the aircraft stop flying. People must take out their bet before the aircraft stops flying.

The decision to take out your bet is purely based on your conscious and your understanding of the game. You can take out your bet too early. And you can take out your bet late. The bet is lost when you delay taking out your bet before the aircraft stops flying.

The travel distance on the aviator betting platform

The distance the aircraft travel is in proportion. The distance the aircraft travel starts from one (1). It continues from 1 to 1.1 to 1.2 to 1.3 etc. The travel can reach 2. It then continues from 2.1 to 2.2 to 2..3, etc. The flight can reach 10 and beyond.

When you take your bet at 2, you get double your bet. And you get thrice your bet when it reaches 3 in that order. You get ten times your bet when it reaches 10.

It is, for this reason, people believe they can bet big and take out their funds at 2 to double their money within a second. However, the flight may not reach 1.2 before it stops. This will lead to the individual losing all his money.

The bet is available online 24/7. Sometimes when colleagues are quiet in an isolated place, they are likely engaged in the aviator game. Colleagues could play the game even among gatherings provided they mute the volume on the game

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Negative consequences of betting

Betting can be addictive. Betting waste productive time. People lose their life savings within a second through betting. Losing huge sums of money can create psychological trauma for the individual. In addition, all financial plans of an individual could be derailed through losses in bets.

Colleagues lose mostly in the game though they can brag about winnings.

Another teacher loses big in aviator betting

Another teacher has lost big money in the aviator. News coming in from sister school indicates. The teacher lost an amount of two thousand Ghana cedis within 24 hours.

The teacher upon his calculations believes aviator will be his solution. He decided to access a GNAT loan for his aviator project. The loan arrived after a long wait.

The teacher allegedly used one week to complete the study of the aviator platform.

He decided to play Ghc100 at a time. Unfortunately, the hours in a day (24 hours) are even more than Ghc100 aviator games per hour. In short, he lost his affordability to aviator

Previous losses by a teacher
Another teacher also lost forty thousand Ghana cedis last month. The news disclosed that the teacher also used his loan to bet on the aviator. He took the loan for the mother’s burial.

He decided to double the money for whatever reason. Unfortunately, they lose the Ghc40,000 within a short stint of less than an hour.

Worrying trend

The trend of aviator betting has increased among public sector workers. Especially among teachers and nurses. Investigations have been disclosed.

The desire for quick money may be blamed. However, it can be argued that economic hardship may be responsible.

An informant bragged that anyone who disputes the fact that betting is high among public sector workers should look at the screen of workers when they are idle. You will see aviator betting platform opened.

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