July 25, 2024

GoGpayslip Update: How to resolve all Epayslip issues easily

gogpayslip epayslip

gogpayslip epayslip

GoGpayslip Update: How to resolve all Epayslip issues easily

The government of Ghana is the largest employer in the country. The employer pays the public sector employees through the gogpayslip platform. The employees must sign in to their gogpayslip epayslip to access information about their salaries. The Controller and Accountant General Department (CADG) manages the gogpayslip epayslip on behalf of the government. 

No NIA number, no payment of monthly salaries, and other updates below

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Reforms at Controller and Accountant General Department (CADG)

Sever reforms took place at CADG over the years. The institution responsible for managing the government’s payroll usually undertake reforms in the best interest of the employer. For instance, any reform that eliminates ghost names from the payroll benefits the employer more. 

Sometimes the employees also benefit the most from the reforms. An example is the reform that allows employees to access their monthly payslips easily through the epayslip platform.

Some of the most significant reforms are

a. The introduction of an electronic interface between the payroll manager, CADG, and the employee of the government.

The gogpayslip allows the employee to scrutinize details of their salary almost immediately after they pay salary. 

Employees can generate mandate forms with passwords easily to access loans. Unscrupulous people try to forge the details of workers to transact financial business without the knowledge of the employee. However, the current system in plays corrects most of the lapses in the old system. 

The government also manages to save costs on printing hard copy payslips for employees. The employer also saved costs in transporting the hard copy payslips. 

Additionally, all parties can save on the cost involved in litigation of fake financial transaction that involves the credentials of employees.

b. Introduction of biometric verification of staff

It was a myth, in the past, that some employees use fake documents like certificates and birth certificates to secure the government of Ghana’s jobs. 

However, CADG proved that fake employees exist when they introduced biometric verification of employees. Some employees could not prove their identity.

The reform also reveals some employees on the payroll do not exist physically. 

No NIA number, no payment of monthly salaries

In the past, all new employees and existing must verify their biometric identity before they can receive their salaries. All staff who could not verify their biometric identity do not receive a salary

But CAGD has changed that requirement in another set of reforms.

All employees, both new entrants and existing staff, must provide a National Identification card number to receive a salary.

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Biometric verification replaced by NIA verification for both new and existing staff

All recruits must submit their NIA card to their employing institution for verification and validation. Employees no longer need to undergo biometric verification registration to receive salaries. 

This initiative is arguably one of the most important benefits of the Ghana card registration initiative. This is because several inconveniences accompany the biometric registration process where employees must travel long distances to register. And involve a huge transportation burden on recruits who are trying to survive financially.

SSNIT verification

Every employee must submit their Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) number to their Human Resource Managers for onward submission to the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD). 

Every employee in Ghana must have only one SSNIT number. Therefore, every worker must merge their SNNIT number before submitting the same to the Human Resource managers. 

All new employees must link their SSNIT numbers with their NIA card numbers before using them to complete the NEW ENTRANT forms. 

Employees must use the shortcode *711*9# to link the SSNIT and NIA card numbers.

How to register on GoG Epayslip

Every employee must be an account holder on the gogpayslip platform to access the epayslip. Managers of management units in every government institution must provide a verification code (passcode) to the employee to register on the gogpayslip. Below are the steps to register on the gogpayslip.

a. GoG employee must be an account holder. That is the passcode the unit heads provide to the employee.

b. Search for epayslip on the browser

c. Click on log-in

d. Click on ‘click here to continue and enter the following details

I. Enter employee number

II. Enter your personal password

III. Enter the passcode your unit head provided

e. Click on login

Epayslip password reset

Password is a very serious security feature on the epayslip. Therefore, employees must apply to the Controller and Accountant General Department (CAGD) for the password reset. 

CAGD-PPD is solely responsible for password resetting for employees. 

The employee must apply and support the application with a copy of their national ID and payslip. 

The employee must apply for the password reset through the IPPD coordinator

Upload picture onto the epayslip 

The salary validators are the only people who can upload pictures of the employees onto the epayslip. 

A picture must be uploaded onto the epaylip platform as an extra security and administrative feature. 

All new entrants must therefore consult their salary validators to upload the picture onto the epayslip.

Though the employee will provide a soft copy of the image to the validator, CAGD must approve the image before the image will reflect in the system.

Change of management unit

Any employee who moves from one institution to another through transfer must also move his salary to the new management unit. 

The employee needs to submit his or her reposting letter to the IPPD officer or the HR of the institution. 

The IPPD or the HR will complete the necessary input forms and they will attach a cover letter.

The completed input forms together with the cover letter will be forwarded to the PPS of the applicant for capturing. 

Change of bank and correction of bank account details

Employees have the opportunity to change the bank if they wish to receive their salary through. Also, the bank account details can have mistakes that need correction.

a. The employee must apply to the head of his or her institution to change bank or correct the account details, through the head of entity.

b. A completed change of bank input form

c. A cover letter from the head of your entity

d. A copy of the employee’s payslip

e. A letter from the existing bank providing clearance (change of bank only)

f. Letter of confirmation of account number by the bank (correction of account number only)

g. A copy of the NIA card number.

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