July 25, 2024

GNAT bundle registration, purchase and disbursement

GNAT bundle

GNAT bundle

How to resolve GNAT bundle registration, purchase, and disbursement complaints

GNAT bundle packages are a collaboration between the GNAT and the telecommunication company, MTN. The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) approached the telecom company to provide an affordable data bundle to teachers in the country. 

Purpose of GNAT bundle

The Ghana National Association of Teachers usually engages in enterprises that improve the welfare of teachers. 

Also, the managers of the GNAT bundle said the initiative will improve teaching and learning in schools. This is because the teachers will have an affordable opportunity to research teaching materials on the Internet. 

The government is yet to provide the full complement of textbooks to schools in the country. Therefore, the availability of this GNAT bundle is timely.

Brief history

GNAT bundle originated from the Ashanti Region. The Ashanti Regional Chairman led the negotiation that introduced the package to GNAT members in the Ashanti Region.

Managers and service providers of the GNAT bundle made the package available to all GNAT members Nationwide afterward.

The managers of the package later allow non-GNAT members to benefit from the package. 

Presently, all staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES) benefit from the package. That is both teaching and non-teaching staff continue to enjoy the GNAT bundle


GNAT bundle is not pay-as-you-go. This means subscribers do not get their data instantly after making payments. 

Also, members must register before they can access the GNAT data.

In all, there is a timeline for all activities. Nobody can perform any action when the managers did not open the window for that particular 

Registration activity

1. Window:

The window for registration is not fixed. Though the managers usually open registration from Wednesday to Thursday, the window is not a weekly activity. 

Also, though the managers open the registration window bi-weekly, the managers can alter that convention whenever they want. 

2. How to register: 

Subscribers must register to enjoy the package. The registration is through filling out the Google form (e-forms). The forms are made available whenever the managers want members to enroll. 

They normally deactivate the form after every registration window. 

Members must therefore join this teacher’s platform (Click here to join All GNAT Members) where they will be notified whenever the registration form is available during the registration window. 

3. Required fields: 

Customers must fill in the field on the Google forms accurately to register successfully. The member must enter the following information

a. Email address of the member

b. Beneficiary number. That is the number that the member wishes to receive the GNAT data on.

c. The school, circuit, district, and region of the member 

d. The member must provide his or her name as well

e. The member must provide a staff ID

4. Requirements to register

The member must be a staff of the Ghana Education Service. The member can be a teaching or non-teaching staff. The staff can also be a non-member of GNAT.

4. Terms and conditions

Every member must register only one beneficiary number. That means one staff ID should register only one beneficiary number. 

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Offer or Purchase

1. Window:

The registered members can buy the GNAT bundle only when the managers open the offer window. The offer window refers mainly to the period members can buy the GNAT bundle. Members can not buy the data before or after the offer window. 

 The service providers and the managers open the offer window from Sunday to Monday of every week. 

Though this has been the convention, the managers can alter the offer window anytime.

2. Process:

Members must dial a shortcode to access the GNAT bundle. The code for the GNAT bundle is *800*08#. 

A menu of options will appear whenever the member dials the shortcode during the offer window. However, the menu options will be limited if they have not opened the offer window.

After dialing the shortcode during the offer window, the member must select ‘offer’ to proceed. 

The member will be asked to confirm his or her registered beneficiary to proceed. 

Members must pay for the GNAT bundle through the MTN mobile services (MOMO). Customers must therefore dial the shortcode on the mobile money sim that they wished to use for payment. 

After confirming the beneficiary number, the member will receive a mobile money authorization to pay for the data. 

However, the member can go to the approval on the mobile money wallet to approve the particular transaction when the mobile money authorization is delayed.



1. Window

The GNAT bundle is not an instant service. This means members do not get their data immediately after purchase. Managers take their time to disburse the GNAT bundle to members.

The window for disbursement of the bundle is Tuesday to Thursday. After managers open the offer window from Sunday to Monday. 

2. Process:

Customers have no direct role to play during the disbursement window. This is because it is only the managers and service providers who perform this activity. 

However, members must note the existing data before disbursement start. This is to ensure that members can confirm their data when they finally receive it. 



1. Window:

The MTN and GNAT anticipate potential challenges. They have therefore allocated a period to address all issues that people might face. The potential sources of the issue are

a. Technical challenges: This is the situation where the platform of MTN or the platform of the service providers will face a hitch.

b. Administrative: The administrative challenges related to the management of human resources and other logistics. 

The managers have provided avenues to resolve two types of complaints.

a. The first complaint relates to disbursement.

b. The second type of complaint relates to all other issues including registration, payment, etc.

The window for complaints relating to the disbursement of data for a particular week’s offer window is Fridays every week. But members can also report to the complaint number any concerning disbursement challenges relating to the previous week’s offer window.

All other complaints can be reported any day. However, such challenges can be resolved easily when members report them they opened the window. 

2. Process:

There is a phone number provided to respond to MTN GNAT bundle complaints. The MTN GNAT bundle complaint number is 0550660800. Members can contact the complaint number through only telegram chats.

However, a member can search for the complaint number on telegram. The member can simply search ‘made4staff’ on telegram to locate the complaint team.

Members can also join the teachers’ platform for other inquiries (click here to join All GNAT Members) 

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Update on current challenges

Registration of new members is facing some challenges currently. The managers of the GNAT bundle have acknowledged current challenges. 

The managers and service providers are, therefore, currently working on the issue and will communicate the same to the cherished clients.

Members are encouraged to exercise patience while the issue is resolved. Customers complicate the issue when they continue to visit the platform at very short intervals while the issue is being resolved. 

Members can, however, visit the platform after a significant time interval pending any announcement. 

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