July 25, 2024
GES promotion result

GES promotion result

GES promotion result

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has organized a promotion aptitude test for staff. However, the status of the GES promotion result is yet to be released by the Ghana Education Service.


The teachers wrote the promotion exam on 28th February and 1st March 2023.
The teachers took the promotion exam to be promoted to various ranks in the service.
Some of the teachers who took the exam will be promoted to Assistant Director II. Other teachers will be promoted to Assistant Director I, as well as Deputy Director, ranks.

Some reasons candidates are anxious about the GES promotion result

a. Number of candidates

First of all, the number of teachers who took the promotion exam is significantly more than the number of teachers who took the exam in previous years.
The candidates are therefore anxious about whether they will pass the promotion results or if they have not passed.

b. GES promotion pass rate

Secondly, the promotion result pass rate is quite constant.
Trend analysis has shown that only about seventy percent (70%) of candidates pass any GES promotion exam attempt.
That means thirty percent (30%) of candidates usually fail their promotion results.
Candidates are therefore anxious to know whether they have passed the promotion result or they haven’t.

c. Delay releasing of the GES promotion results

Thirdly, it is almost twelve (12) weeks after the promotion exam was written. The candidates are therefore concerned about the delay in releasing the promotion result.

d. Fake news by other bloggers

Additionally, some unscrupulous bloggers are churning out fake news about the promotion results. Some of those bloggers claim the Ghana Education Service released the GES promotion results, which is not true.
Official communication channels of the Ghana Education Service (official GES website and official GES social media platforms) have indicated that the service did not release the GES promotion results.
In addition, the directors and PROs of the Ghana Education Service stated that the service did not release the GES promotion result.

e. Pay rise and affordability

Also, promoted teachers will be placed on a higher salary scale. This implies a pay rise for the teachers who will be promoted.
The promoted candidates will also see an increase in their loan affordability.
Therefore, the earlier the GES promotion result is released, the earlier the pay rise and increased loan affordability will be affected.

f. Available promotion result checker voucher

Finally, candidates must buy an electronic voucher to check their GES promotion results online.
The platform for buying electronic vouchers is always live/  available. The platform is always live/ available because candidates from previous years could need to check or re-check their GES promotion results.
This year’s candidates have mistaken the availability of the electronic voucher platform to mean that this year’s GES promotion results are released or the result is available to be checked.

How to determine fake news from other bloggers

Some bloggers or unscrupulous people have circulated fake news that the Ghana Education Service has released the GES promotion results.
Below are some of the ways to detect fake news.
In blogging, one of the things Google uses to determine which result comes on top when you Google search is the first site that writes on the topic first.
So some bloggers may have written about the 2029 promotion result already.
Therefore, do not look at the headings in Google search to say Promotion results have been released.
Go ahead to read and identify certain key verifiable facts in the publication.
a. Which date did the authorities release the GES promotion result?
b. The person who signed the press release or where the press release/ statement can be found. For example, on the official GES website or the official social media handle of the Ghana Education Service.
Note that blog publications that do not state specifically where the information can be found are highly likely to be fake news.

Can you retrieve your voucher money | What to do with the purchased voucher?

Candidates in an attempt to check their promotion result on the promotion portal bought an electronic voucher.
However, the candidates were unable to check the promotion result with the voucher.
This is because the Ghana Education Service did not release the 2023 GES promotion result yet.
Candidates who bought the voucher can therefore keep the voucher to use whenever the service release the GES promotion result.
The voucher is valid and candidates can use the voucher to check GES promotion result when the Ghana Education Service finally release the result.
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