April 15, 2024

Date to release GES promotion results revealed

GES promotion results

GES promotion results

Date to release GES promotion results 2023 revealed

The teaching staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is expectant of the results of the GES promotion aptitude. Qualified teachers took the aptitude test on the 28th of February and the 1st of March this year. The candidates, therefore, hope the service will release the GES promotion results. Two key stakeholders have revealed the date for the release of the GES promotion results.

The two key stakeholders we spoke to command a combined majority share in online classes organizers of the GES promotion examination. They are organizers of Sir Chris GES promotion classes and Capsule GES promotion classes

Date to release GES promotion results

The lead educationists for both online promotion classes provide the following insight. They stated that the GES promotion results will be released by the end of next month July 2023.


Current update about the release of the GES promotion results

Marking of scrips for all ranks who took part in the promotion are duly completed at the marking centers.
Now, scripts have been compiled and will be forwarded to the 15 member GES council to deliberately do a cut-off points.
After the cut-off point,  the results will be uploaded on the GES promotions portal for candidates to check their results. Candidates must buy an e-voucher to check your results online.
The GES headquarters will release a formal letter on the release of the results, duly signed.
The update is provided by Rev. Chris Welle, GES Promotions online lecturer and author of the GES Promotion Luck Guide for all ranks. Phone number: 0592096337
We will duly publish the press release that will announce the release of the GES promotion results.


Source of information for GES promotion results

Sir Chris and Capsule hold a combined majority of the market share of the online GES promotion class. They are therefore a key stakeholder in the GES promotion exam space as tutors or facilitators.


Sir Chris Educational Consult has been organizing online promotion classes since the year 2014. Organizers of Capsule promotion classes have also been organizing promotion classes since the year 2017.

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Examiners for GES promotion results

The Ghana Education Service outsourced the marking of the promotion aptitude and the recording of the GES promotion results to an independent body. Candidates have confirmed that lecturers at some universities are in charge of marking and assessing the promotion exams.

The independent body, which is in charge of marking the promotion exams, recruited more examiners to mark this year’s GES promotion exams. This is because of the number of candidates who participated in this year’s promotion aptitude test.

The examiners are yet to complete work on the scripts due to the number of candidates involved.

Increase in the number of candidates

The number of candidates for this year’s GES promotion exams is relatively higher than in previous years.

The Ghana Education Service combined the 2017 batch with the 2018 year batch to sit for this year’s promotion exams. Candidates from the year 2017 batch were a combination of two batches when they took their last GES promotion exams for the year 2017.

The total number of candidates for this year’s February 2023 GES promotion exams is a combination of three batches indirectly.

The total number of candidates involved in this year’s promotion is one of the reasons candidates are anxious about this year’s GES promotion results

History of pass rate

About seventy percent (70%) of candidates who took part in previous GES promotion exams have passed. Accordingly, thirty percent (30) have failed previous promotion aptitude tests.

The pass rate and the failure rate are the averages of all the categories who took part in the promotion examination. The staff of the Ghana Education Service used to speculate the reasons why the pass rate and the failure rates seem to be consistent over the years until recently. Teacher unions have provided information that lends credence to the assertion.

Pass rate determinant

In the past, the staff of the Ghana Education Service believe the pass rate of candidates was based purely on a quota system. The staff believes GES allocates a quota of all candidates to all the regions to pass.

Therefore, a teacher can only pass provided he or she is part of the top 70% of candidates in the region. The service, therefore, fails candidates who fall within the bottom 30%. Failure is, therefore, not based on the absolute mark obtained by the candidate.

Additionally, staff believes another criterion used to determine the number of candidates to pass is the ability of the government to pay proportionate remuneration.

Teachers’ unions in the country have revealed new criteria that the Ghana Education Service uses to pass or fail candidates. The unions revealed this in a press release in September 2022.

According to the teacher unions, the Ghana Education Service uses the availability of vacancies in the service to determine the number of candidates to pass or not to pass.

The unions, therefore, called on the service to refrain from the practice and pass candidates who deserve to pass.

The union’s position, as expressed, somewhat confirms the alleged quota system adopted by the Ghana Education Service in publishing its GES promotion results.

Fake announcement

Some people circulated fake news earlier about the GES promotion results for the February 2023 promotion. They claimed the Ghana Education Service has released the results. The Ghana Education Service refutes the false news in circulation.

The Ghana Education Service encouraged readers to visit the GES promotion results checker website to confirm any news that indicates a release of the GES promotion results before making a judgment.

Additionally, we encouraged readers to always read the content of blog articles before making a judgment instead basing their conclusion on only the headlines other blogs provide.

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  1. When will teachers who returned from study leave in 2021 be given their *TM1* Laptop?

  2. Ghana Education Service is not attractive because when one looks at how teachers are being treated, it leaves much to be desired. Writing one promotion exam n waiting anxiously for five months is a disturbing. When the results come, the will pretend to delay the process of payment of arrears n in the end won’t pay at all. Teachers let us try to léave the scene for greener pastures elsewhere in the World. Ghanaian politicians are playing tricks on teachers.

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