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Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

Prempeh integrated science questions

Prempeh integrated science questions

Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

Prempeh integrated science questions: These questions are carefully selected to prepare candidates adequately for standard performances.


1. a. List as many ways as you can of measuring growth

b. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each method


2. What advice will you give to a kerosene-seller who often exposes the kerosene to the wind? Explain your answer


3. Give two examples each of ornamental plants propagated by the following vegetative methods

a. Root cuttings

b. Leaf cuttings

c. Hardwood cuttings


4. State various ways by which running water can be polluted and discuss how polluted water can be purified for human consumption


5. a. What type of organism causes tuberculosis

b. What are the symptoms of tuberculosis

c. Describe the precautions that should be taken to prevent the spread of tuberculosis


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Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

6. a. State briefly hat you understand by good health

b. What are the functions of the World Health Organization


7. Distinguish between conduction, convection and radiation in the context of heat transfer


8. a. List three local resources of fats and oils

b. Give one large-scale use of each fat and oil

c. State two differences between each of the following pairs:

I. An organic acid and an inorganic acid

II. Neutralization and esterification

III. An alkaline and an alkene

IV. An acid and a base


9. Explain how a leaf can be tested for the presence of starch


10. a. Is the temperature of boiling water in a jug holding 100 m3the same as, or different from, the temperature of boiling water in a jug holding 1000 cm3


b. If you needed to cool the two amounts of water in (A) to room temperature, which one would take the longer time, or would they take the same time?


c. If you wanted to cool the two amounts of water quickly to room temperature, which one would need the most ice added to it? Explain the differences between the terms ‘heat’ and ‘temperature’


d. If you were a molecule making up a piece of ice, explain what would happen to you if the ice was heated and went from being ice to being water to being steam?


Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

11. In what ways can the following help in keeping the community healthy

a. The individual

b. The state


12. Explain the difference between the environmental and genetic variation


13. State how scarcity of water can affect plant and animal life in the area


14. a. In what forms does solar energy reach the earth?

b. How is this energy stored

I. How can it be converted into electricity

II. What is meant by the word ‘power’

III. How is energy consumed in the home? List appliances which use electricity, what form of energy the electricity is converted into and how each appliance uses that form of energy


15. a. State four techniques that could help improve crop production in Ghana

b. Name one organization which is working specifically on high-yielding crops in Ghana


Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

16. Name one household appliance that converts electrical energy into each of the following forms

a. Heat energy

b. Mechanical energy

c. Sound energy


17. Define the following by reference to human beings

a. Tidal volume

b. Vital capacity

c. Residual (reserve) volume

d. Total lung capacity


18. Describe three ways in which the mechanical energy needed for driving a generator in a power station can be provided


19. Describe how to determine the relative density


20. Distinguish between a scalar and a vector quantity. Give three examples of each


Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

21. List four methods to determine the volume of a substance


22. What is the difference between potential difference and resistance offered by a load


23.  a. What is

I. A base physical quantity

II. A derived physical quantity


b.Write the symbol for each of the following quantities and classify each as a base or derived quantity

I. Force

II. Length

III. Density

IV. Amount of substance

V. Luminous intensity

VI. Power


c. Write down the symbols for the units of all the physical quantities stated in (b)


24. Distinguish between energy from biomass and energy from a radiant source


25. Explain why crude oil as a fossil fuel can be liked to biomass as a source of energy


Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

26. Describe how energy is produced from cell respiration


27. Explain the term ‘efficiency of energy’


28. How is solar energy utilized in the following industries

a. Fishing

b. Cocoa industry

c. Salt industry

d. Construction of houses


29. Describe how solar dryers are built and give five examples of the use of solar dryers in Ghana


30. What role does solar energy play in convectional rainfall


Questions Bank (Written)

31. What role do protons play in energy conservation by solar cells


32. Compare the difference in behavior between an LED in a DC circuit and one  in an AC circuit


33. What is the main function of a capacitor in an electronic circuit


34. Distinguish between an electronic circuit and an electrical circuit

a. Describe how you would construct an inductor with insulated flexible wire and a stick

b. Cmopare the effects of the following inductors on the behavior of an LED

I. Air core inductor

II. Soft iron core inductor

III. Paper core inductor


35. State ohm’s law


Prempeh Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

36. Draw a Leclanche cell to show the parts and functions of the parts


37. Two cells with a emf of 1.5 V and an external resistance of 2 ohms are connected in series and in parallel.

Draw the circuits (both series and parallel) and calculate the current in each arrangement when the cells are connected to a 1 ohm external resistor.

What will be the new current if the external resistor is replaced with a 2 ohm resistor


38. Compare DC and AC . List the differences between them and the advantages of AC over DC

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