April 23, 2024

Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions bank (Written)

Wesley Girls' integrated science questions

Wesley Girls' integrated science questions

Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions bank (Written)

Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions: The questions are well selected to enable candidates pass any standard examination.


1. Explain why you can see very little when you first move from a bright light into a fairly dark room. Why can you gradually begin to see the objects in the room


2. a. Describe an experiment to show that

I. Soil contains air

II.  Water contains air


b. What is the importance of air in soil and in water


c. I. State the contents of air, showing the approximate percentage of each constituent.

II. Explain why air is known to be a mixture, not a compound.

III. What are the main functions of the nitrogen in the atmosphere


3. Distinguish between acquired immunity and natural immunity


4. a. State three examples of natural cycles.

b. Describe one of the natural cycles fully

c. State the importance of this cycle


5. a.State the relationship between the mass of a stone and the weight of the same stone

b. An astronaut has a mass of 74 kg. Calculate his weight (I) on earth and (II) on the moon, if the acceleration due to gravity is 10ms-2on earth and 1.6 ms-2 on the moon.

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Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions bank (Written)

6. a. What is a lawn B. List two ways of maintaining an established lawn


7. State four characteristics of an image formed in a plane mirror


8. Explain why many electrical appliances are connected to earth


9. Describe the functions of the following structures in the respiratory system

a. The epiglotis

b. The trachea

c. The alveoli

d. The diaphragm


10. Describe ways in which humans keep cool in hot climate and keep warm in cold climates


Science questions bank (Written)

11. a. State two signs of heat in ruminants

b. Explain the process of artificial insemination (AI)


12. In an ecological study, a student using a point frame and a quadrat found that 28 points touched a piece of grass. What is the percentage cover of grass in that particular quadrat


13. What factors are likely to contribute to scarcity of drinking water in your District.


14. a. Explain why a fuse is referred to as a safety device in an electric circuit

b. With which of the three terminals of a plug would you align a fuse? Explain your answer


15. a. Name the six pollutants that pollute the environment

b. Suggest ways in which they could be controlled


Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions bank (Written)

16. For the cuboid below, calculate


a. Its volume

b. Its density

c. Its weight

d. The maximum pressure that it could exert if placed flat on the ground

e. The minimum pressure that it could exert if placed flat on the ground

(acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms-2)


17. a. Explain what a drug is

b. Name three types of drug

c. Explain why expectant mothers should avoid smoking and excessive drinking of alcohol

d. Name three dangers of taking drugs other than under the guidance of a medical practitioner.


18. A man runs up a flight of stairs in 5 seconds



a. The man’s weight

b. The increase in his potential energy

c. The power generated by him

(acceleration due to gravity = 10 ms-2)


19. Design an experiment to determine the relative density of an irregular stone using the overflow can.


20. Enumerate four basic quantities showing how they are measured and the instruments used for measurement.


Wesley Girls’ integrated science

21. Explain why there is no definite formula for determining the volume of substances


22. State the unit of each of the following quantities and show whether it is a vector quantity or a scalar quantity

a. Length

b. Themodynamic temperature

c. Electric resistance

d. Volume

e. Force

f. Velocity


23. Draw a flow chart to demonstrate the energy transformation that happenn in

a. a votaic cell

b. A solar cell

c. Biogass for cooking


24. Use a flow chart to demonstrate how the potential energy of water behind a dam is transformed into electrical energy for use in homes


25. How is elastic energy transformed into kinetic energy in a bow and arrow


Wesley Girls’ integrated science questions bank (Written)

26. Why is the efficiency of energy always less than 100% in mechanical devices


27. What role does solar energy play in food production in Ghana


28. What are the disadvantages of solar energy


29. How o you determine the value of resistance of an electronic resistor


30. Why is it important to introduce a resistor across a capacitor and an LED


Integrated science questions bank (Written)

31. Draw an electric circuit with a 9 V battery, three resistors connected in parallel, a switch and the connecting wires


32. Two resistors, each of resistance 2 ohms, are connected in a circuit with a 6 V battery of negligible internal resistance. Calculate the current flowing in the resistor when they are connected in

a. Series

b. In parallel


33. A flashlight  has a 6 V battery and a bulb of resistance 1.4 ohms. What is the value of the current when the flashlight is switched on


34. What are the five effects of electric current in circuits

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