April 23, 2024

Confirm the opening or otherwise of GES recruitment portal

GES recruitment portal

GES recruitment portal

Confirm the opening or otherwise of GES recruitment portal

The Ghana Education Service recruits staff regularly. The service uses the GES recruitment portal to assemble qualified staff for posting. The government through the Ghana Education Service recruits staff on two main grounds.
1. For replacement
2. Access or expansion

1. For replacement

The government needs to recruit staff every year to replace certain categories of staff. Some of the staff that needs replacement are
a. Staff going retirement: The compulsory retirement age in Ghana is sixty (60) years. This means both teaching and non-teaching staff who attain the age of 60 years old must go home to rest. Unfortunately, the government hardly give working contract to the staff of the Ghana Education Service after the staff attained the compulsory retirement age.

The number of teachers proceeding on compulsory retirement is significant since teachers are the largest workforce in most countries.

Additionally, some staff proceeds on voluntary retirement since the law provides such an opportunity from the age of fifty-five (55) years.

The employer, therefore, needs to fill the vacancies created through fresh recruitment using the GES recruitment portal

b. Staff changing jobs: the staff of the Ghana Education Service (GES) is rational beings. The majority of the staff are always on the lookout for other jobs. The staff continues to search for other jobs due to various aspirations and/ or perspectives. New staff must be employed.

c. Staff involved in permanent incapacitation: Nobody can work when they are permanently incapacitated. Therefore, some staff of GES also become permanently incapacitated every year. The employer has no option but to engage new staff.

2. Access and expansion

The staff of the Ghana Education Service is never adequate. Most rural areas continue to lack teachers. Some schools have only about two teachers who teach class one (1) to class six (6).

Additionally, the government needs to employ more teachers to cater for the growing population. This is because more population translates to more students.

The government, therefore, tries to reduce the student-teacher ratio with the annual recruitment of teachers using the GES recruitment portal.

Is GES recruiting teaching staff?

Some bloggers have circulated a letter that purports to announce the recruitment of fresh. The letter claimed the recruitment portal will be opened for both degree and diploma holders to apply. The letter continued that portal will be opened on 5th June 2023 for potential candidates to apply.

However, our team has confidently confirmed that the news report is false. The team established that the said letter was fake and doctored.

First of all, our team has searched for similar news on all other major news outlets in the country. However, the major news outlets did not publish any news that the recruitment portal will open. The country has a large unemployment rate. Moreover, recruitment into the Ghana Education Service is highly sought after. Therefore, the lack of publication by the major news outlets raises suspicion.

Secondly, our team has visited the official website of the Ghana Education Service. But the service did not publish the reopening of the GES recruitment portal on its website. The service could not announce major recruitment without announcing it on its official website.

Thirdly, our team visited the social media handles of the Ghana Education Service. The service usually publishes official documents that have public interest on its social media handle. However, there was no information about the GES recruitment

Additionally, our team visited the GES recruitment portal after the supposed date that the service would open it. But as of 6th June 2023, no applicant could perform any recruitment-related activity on the website

Finally, our team called the official helpline of the GES recruitment portal for clarification. Unfortunately, the alleged GES recruitment is fake

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is GES recruiting non-teaching staff?

The Ghana Education Service also recruits non-teaching staff regularly. The service recruits the non-teaching staff to shore up staff proceeding on pension. And to shore up staff who would no longer work with the service for other reasons.

We used the same fact-checking mechanism described above to verify that GES is not recruiting non-teaching staff presently.

GES recruitment portal

The Ghana Education Service uses the GES recruitment portal to recruit fresh staff. The portal serves as a means to reduce human involvement in the recruitment process.

Also, the online portal eliminates travel time and transportation costs involved.

But the applicants have to buy a voucher that enables them to access the GES recruitment portal.

The GES recruitment portal is https://www.gespromotions.gov.gh/

Is the recruitment portal open?

The GES recruitment portal is not open for any recruitment activity. We confirmed this information from the portal itself as well as official correspondence with the GES recruitment portal officials and the Ghana Education Service.

When will GES open the recruitment portal?

The employer, the government, through the Ghana Education Service reserves the right to open the GES recruitment portal. They can open the portal at any time.

However, the portal will be opened after a public announcement. The employer will make a public announcement on the official website of the Ghana Education Service or our website.

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