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English mock questions

English mock questions

SHS English Mock Questions

English mock questions: The question items are well selected by the teachers to aid the success of the WASSCE candidates.


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Answer THREE questions in all: one question from section A and all questions in section B and C


Answer one question only from this section. All questions carry equal marks. Your answer should not be
less than 450 words. You are advised to spend about 50 minutes on this section.

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1. Write a letter to your friend in another school telling him or her, the valuable lessons you learnt during a recent excursion.


2. Write an article for publication in your school magazine on bullying among students and its effects.


3. Cases of malaria have been on the increase in recent times in your country. Write a letter to the Minister of Health discussing your observation and suggesting at least three ways of curbing the disease.


English mock questions

4. You have been awarded a scholarship by a local company. Write a speech you will deliver at the presentation ceremony stating the benefits of the scholarship.


5. Write a story to illustrate the saying: “I wish I had never met him.”



You are advised to spend about 30 minutes on this section.

1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions on it. It is no longer news that the social and economic problems of African countries continue to worsen. What He experience daily are the vicious consequences of unemployment, inadequate health and educational facilities, urban squalor resulting from a population bursting at the seams and, most frightening of all, the rate at which crime is rising.


English Mock Questions


It is also no longer news that many Africans now see ‘checking out’ of their countries for other supposedly better ones abroad as the only solution to the problems. In this regard, the United States, Britain, Canada, Germany and Italy are the hot favorites. Most of these Africans are usually so desperate to leave, that they fall easy prey to all sorts of passport and visa fraud, and often end up smuggling themselves abroad at all costs. In such countries, they have to do all manner of menial jobs, sometimes resorting to criminal activities, and are often cut off completely from families and relations back home. Young girls who have been enticed with assurance of a rosy future often end up in forced prostitution, with all its unpleasant consequences!


Is ‘checking out’ the ideal solution to Africa's social and economic problems? Of course not! What is baffling is why Africans cannot see abandoning their countries as a step that holds out no solution at all. All that they achieve, in fact, is the substitution of one set of problems for another!.


English Mock Questions

What then should we do? We must look inwards for a more realistic solution. First, we must develop the will to tackle our problems. Where there is a will, it is said, there is a way. If we must abandon our problems instead of tackling them head on, we will simply be leaving an unpleasant legacy for future generations. Secondly, we must orientate ourselves towards self-reliance and self employment, instead of looking helplessly to our embattled governments for salaried employment. Finally, we must seek a long term solution by addressing the population question. It is obvious that Africa's outsized population is at the root of the problems. The question we should ask ourselves is, if the average family size in America or Britain were to be as large as the average African family, would these countries still be as attractive to us as they are now? The big puzzle is that we have adopted the white man’s lifestyle in all other respects, but have made an exception of family size.


a) Mention two consequences of the usual desperation of Africans to leave their countries.

b) The writer argues escaping abroad is not the ideal solution to Africas problems. Quote one sentence from the passage that sums up as the writer's recommended solution.

c) According to the writer, why should Africans solve their problems rather than avoid them?

d) What does the writer consider the most serious cause of Africa’s problems?

e) What does the writer imply by using the word “supposedly” in the second paragraph?


English Mock Questions

f) What we experience daily………………………

i) What grammatical name is given to this expression as it is used in the passage?

ii) What is its function?

g) ………………….a population bursting at the seams……………………

What figure of speech is contained in this expression?

h) For each of the following words or phrases, find another word or phrase which means the same and which can replace as it is used in the passage:

i) prey, ii) enticed,

iii) ideal, iv) holds out,

v) tackle,


You are advised to spend about 40 minutes on this section.

2. Read the passage carefully and answer, as far as possible in your own words, the questions that follow: Scientific inventions are known and used in all places across the globe: in ultra-modern buildings in cities, as well as in the remotest areas. The impact of scientific discoveries on humans is felt most particularly in the home where people derive immense pleasure and happiness from various means of entertainment. Sound systems and gadgets produce melodious music loud and clear to entertain music lovers. Modern television sets and home theatres show films to lighten mood, dispel boredom and help overcome depression.


English Mock Questions

The capacity of science to do good to humans seems infinite. People were thrilled when science carried man to the moon and outer space. Over time, chemists, physicists, and physicians have developed clinical aids and drugs that have been used to cure hitherto incurable diseases. Thanks to science, there have been vast strides in medicine and medical practice.


What decades ago, was in the realm of science fiction has now become reality. The vast distances which separated the continents have been bridged. Now it is possible to send and receive messages to and from all parts of the world via satellite within seconds. What is even more enchanting is that familiar voices can be heard and faces seen from thousands of miles away. Indeed, science has built the communication network, improving on it by leaps and bounds. However, science has its attendant ills. Scientists can and have created abominable things which have served as means to destroy humanity. A united Nation boss hinted that the world was sitting on a keg of gunpowder which could explode with dire consequences. That was years ago. Surprisingly, the warning went unheeded. Now scientist in many countries of the world is working overtime to produce more and more devastating bombs.


English Mock Questions

The explosion at Hiroshima and Nagasaki did much more than shake and decimate these two towns; they shook the entire scientific world. Horrible accident on roads, at sea and in the air continue to claim lives. In the world of cosmetics alone thousands of animals and plants are destroyed in experiments to produce creams and substance to beautify the skin. Some of these substances may be toxic. These reckless scientific pursuits have led to loss of human lives, thus reducing the population. Not less significant is the enormous waste of natural resources. For example, atomic bombs have been deposited in large quantities into water bodies which renders the water undrinkable. Wars, as has been pointed out, reduce whole cities to rubbles and a lot of the resources that would otherwise improve living standards are channeled into the production of weapons of mass destruction.


In the modern world, machines have replaced manual labour, thus relieving man of long hours of strenuous work. Machines are engaged to do almost everything, for example, farming, road construction, industrial work and cooking. Work which could have taken humans years to complete is now done in a few months by high-powered machines. These machines are effective but have put humans out of jobs causing unemployment on an unprecedented scale. However, scientists are worried because no one is sure of what the future holds for humans, not even the scientist themselves. Science has gone too far; too fast!


English Mock Questions

a) In three sentences, one for each, state the benefits of science to man.

b) In three sentences, one for each, state the harmful effects of science.




In each of the following sentences, there is a word underlined and one gap. From the list of words lettered A to D. Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the underlined word and that will at the same time, correctly fill the gap in the sentence.


English Mock Questions

1. The once audible ticks of the clock have suddenly become……….
A. regular
B. invisible
C. muted
D. sluggish


2. It is inspiring how the actor rose from obscurity into ………
A. opulence
B. prominence
C. brightness
D. royalty


3. The supreme court ratified the results it had earlier
A. despised
B. suppressed
C. discarded
D. annulled


English Mock Questions

4. Far from being provocative, Akoto’s remark was seen as rather…….
A. conciliatory
B. reasonable
C. mild
D. appropriate


5. Joan prefers roomy cars to ……….. ones.
A. compressed
B. heavy
C. sizeable
D. compact


6, The reception accorded the travellers was neither cordial nor …….
A. negative
B. cold

C. impolite
D. improper


English Mock Questions

7. It is difficult to explain why crimes which were rare in the past are now………..
A. current
B. conspicuous
C. visible
D. rife


8. The once jovial Mohamed has become too …… for my liking.
A. conceited
B. moody
C. cautious
D. submissive


9. Some people we meet in life are pleasant while some others are ………
A. wrong
B. indifferent
C. disagreeable
D. indolent


English Mock Questions

10. It is more difficult to scale the hill than to ……….
A. descend
B. dismount
C. surmount
D. disembark


From the words lettered A to D, choose the one that best completes each of the following sentences.

11. There was no evidence to …… his guilt.
A. settle
B. build
C. manage
D. establish


12. The offending drivers were pardoned because they gave ….. excuse.
A. a plausible
B. a strong
C. a perceived
D. an obvious


English Mock Questions

13. If Richard had taken advice, he wouldn’t have………. the disease.
A. contacted
B. contracted
C. accepted
D. suffered


14. I suggest that we seek …. medical advice in this case.
A. academic
B. professional
C. educated
D. trained


15. The suspect has been on the……. for several months.
A. fence
B. edge
C. go
D. run


English Mock Questions

16. Abena was commended for playing a unique ……in the success of the team.
A. side
B. role
C. support
D. rapport


17. The students were advised to …… their assignments before submission.
A. search
B. confirm
C. review
D. judge


18. Several months ……….. before applications were invited.
A. past
B. rolled
C. went
D. elapsed


English Mock Questions

19. Moro’s latest novel has …….. his reputation as a writer.
A. heightened
B. boosted
C. sharpened
D. soared


20. The Minister denied all the allegations…… against him.
A. charged
B. pushed
C. levelled
D. preferred


Section III

Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word or expression in each sentence.

21. You will be considered astute if you do not indulge in frivolous pursuits.
A. considerate
B. cautious
C. wise
D. reasonable


English Mock Questions

22. There is an almost endless supply of knowledge on the Internet.
A. limitless
B. unchecked
C. matchless
D. unbroken


23. Jamie gave us his unreserved apologies.
A. serious
B. humble
C. right
D. sincere


24. Getting stranded in a new environment can be traumatic.
A. upsetting
B. risky
C. embarrassing
D. troublesome


English Mock Questions

25. The officer was promoted because of the outstanding qualities he displayed.
A. fundamental
B. excellent
C. correct
D. famous


26. Some people derive exquisite delight in antiquities.
A. pleasurable
B. intense
C. genuine
D. satisfactory


27. Her kind gesture is a sterling example worthy of emulation.
A. commendation
B. consideration
C. association
D. imitation


English Mock Questions

28. Some experiences in life teach us to exhibit appropriate behaviour at all times.
A. attractive
B. exciting
C. inspiring
D. suitable


29. The leader advised his followers not to gauge success by wealth.
A. consider
B. measure
C. test

D. imagine


30. This approach may be sound for certain types of situation.
A. workable
B. rewarding
C. robust
D. solid



After each of the following sentences, a list of possible interpretations of all or part of the sentence is given. Choose the interpretations you consider most appropriate for each sentence

31. As we approached our destination, I grinned from ear to ear. This means that I
A. heard desirable news.
B. became deeply impressed.
C. was extremely happy.
D. began to have sweet memories.


English Mock Questions

32. The matter is already water under the bridge. This means that it
A. is partially suspended.
B. cannot be accepted any longer.
C. cannot be changed.
D. is hardly talked about.


33. The incident cast a shadow over the rest of the holiday. This means that it
A. failed to produce any excitement.
B. stopped the enjoyment.
C. caused a measure of concern.
D. gave respite from our activities.


34. Many successes were recorded in the twilight of the chief’s reign, This means that the chief achieved a lot
A. all along his reign.
B. at the beginning of his reign.
C. during the final stages of his reign.
D. in the middle of his reign.


English Mock Questions

35. Retail traders made a pile from their business during the festive period. This means that they
A. charged higher prices.
B. displayed a lot of goods.
C. joined in the festivities.
D. made huge profits.


36. A week to her wedding, Martha got cold feet. This means that she
A. faced a lot of difficulties.
B. became frightened of failure.
C. ran out of money.
D. became very ill.


37. The survivors did not lose heart although their rescue was delayed. This means that they
A. refused to give in to threats.
B. managed to sustain their lives.
C. did not despair.
D. did not experience any loss.


English Mock Questions

38. Moro realised too late that his close associates were fair-weather friends. This means that they were
A. very considerate.
B. friends only in good times.
C. reliable friends.
D. hard to please.


39. The Manager was taken to task for his role in the matter. This means that the Manager was
A. condemned.
B. demoted.
C. dismissed.
D. criticised.


40. His argument flies in the face of available facts. This means that his argument
A. is worrying.
B. is uncertain
C. lacks reason.
D. causes despair.



In the following passage the numbered gaps indicate missing words. Against each number in the list below the passage, four choices are offered in columns lettered A to D. For each numbered gap, choose from the options provided for that number, the word that is most suitable to fill the gap.


English Mock Questions

The ambulance took the injured man to the -41- ward. After -42- his injured leg the doctor ordered that an -43- be taken of the leg and he should be admitted to the hospital. After a thorough examination, the doctor -44- a fracture of the femur and so the patient's leg was put in a -45- for six weeks. Although he was discharged, the man still had difficulties in walking and was therefore given -46-. When he returned to the hospital after one month for a -47 it was discovered that the bone had not -48- properly and had also become horribly -49-. The doctor had no option but to order that the leg be -50-.

A.                           B.                                           C.                                 D.

41. labour                  emergency                          female                          male

42. feeling                 diagnosing                           examining                   taking pictures

43. analysis               enquiry                                anatomy                        X – ray

44. diagnosed            pronounced                        determined                  decided

45. cast                       bandage                               lint                                 sling


English Mock Questions

46. a stick                    bandages                             a cane                           crutches

47. check                    review                                 discussion                       preview

48. repaired              closed                                    set                                   crossed

49. infected               injured                                  ill                                  immuned

50. removed             disconnected                       cut                               amputated



Answer 30 questions in this part: 10 questions on Prose, 10 questions on Drama and 10 questions on Poetry.


51. Which of the following medical doctors delivers Abena’s son for her?
a) Dr. Ampiah
b) Dr. Baah
c) Dr. Acquah
d) Dr. Yiadom


English Mock Questions

52. Another name of Dr Mohammed is ……….
a) Abena
b) Faiza
c) Faisal
d) Mike


53. When did Faiza leave for Kumasi?
a) The last day Abena saw her.
b) The first day Abena saw her.
c) The day Abena left for America
d) The day both of them went for the party


54. Where does Dr. Mohammed do her main job?
a) Korle-Bu Hospital
b) 37 Military hospital
c) Ridge hospital
d) Pangtan hospital


English Mock Questions

55. Who gives Faiza the scholarship to secondary school?
a) Alhaji Brown Teeth
b) Abena’s father
c) The District Chief Executive
d) Auntie Lydia


Use the extract below to answer questions 56 to 59

“We were good at tailoring and fitting things, but they were masters at adorning the body with loose pieces of cloth”

56. Who makes the above statement?
a) Auntie Omotola
b) Auntie Fati
c) Auntie Lydia
d) Asana


57. Who does the “we” refer to?
a) Nigerians
b) Malians
c) Ghanaians
d) Americans


English Mock Questions

58. Who does the “they” refer to?
a) Nigerians
b) Malians
c) Ghanaians
d) Americans


59. How much was Faiza accused of stealing from Aunty Lydia?
a) GH¢100
b) GH¢ 200
c) GH¢ 50
d) GH¢1000


60. Which one of these is a major theme in the novel?
a) admiration
b) communal love
c) marriage
d) religio



BILL MARSHALL: The Son of Umbele

61. Which of these is Joshua’s only identity?
A. his sack
B. his father
C. his bag
D. his mother’s mask


English Mock Questions

62. The play is an example of…………
A. comedy
B. tragi – comedy
C. tragedy
D. mime


63. Which of these characters is aggressive in nature?
A. Benko
B. Zikey
C. Joshua
D. Sumako


Read the following extract and answer questions 64 to 66

“They have all the time in the world”

64. The speaker is ………
A. Joshua
B. Benko
C. Sumako
D. Duella


English Mock Questions

65. Who is the speaker addressing?
A. Benko
B. Duella
C. Sumako
D. Attu


66. The word “they” in the extract refers to…………………
A. the peasants
B. the fish mongers
C. Sumako’s children
D. Duella’s friend


67. Now listen lad, I’ve no time for ideal talk, can’t you see I’m busy? What is the speaker busy doing?
A. eating
B. weeding C. fishing D. mending


English Mock Questions

68. The play is set in a …………….
A. city
B. metropolis
C. fishing community
D. the village


69. What is the main occupation of Sumako’s family?
A. farming
B. hunting
C. fishing
D. dancing


70. “Oh I see, so there’s nothing, no news”. What is the dominant literary device employed in this extract?
A. Simile
B. oxymoron
C. alliteration
D. personification


KOFI AWOONOR: The Weaver Bird

71. The Poem delves into the issue of …………
A. the effects of colonisation
B. ethnicity
C. war
D. religious conflict


English Mock Questions

72. Africans realized too late the …………….of the Europeans.
A. innocence
B. hypocrisy
C. gentility
D. vision


OSWALD MTSHALI: Nightfall in Soweto

73. The background of the poem can be traced to the ……………….
A. White civilisation
B. Partition of Africans
C. Apartheid system
D. Nationalism


English Mock Questions

74. A night in Soweto is characterised by all but one of the following?
A. terror
B. fear
C. bliss
D. insecurity


DAVID RUBADIRI: An African Thunderstorm

75. The poem opens with the images of a storm rushing in from the ………….
A. North
B. South
C. East
D. West


English Mock Questions

76. The poet begins his poem with the
A. Village scene
B. Defenseless village
C. Swift movement of theclouds
D. Flashing lighting



77. The poem portrays rural areas as …………………….
A. developing
B. exalted
C. marginalised
D. progressive


English Mock Questions

78. The poem begins with the speaker’s uncertainty of the …………
A. location
B. time
C. rainstorm
D. atmosphere

ABRIEL OKARA: Once upon a time

79. The poem presents the speaker as a victim of …………..
A. colonialism
B. hypocrisy
C. societal changes
D. poverty


80. According to the poem, modern society is characterised by ………….
A. hypocrisy
B. dilemma
C. respect
D. simplicity

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