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SHS Graphic Design Mock Questions

graphic design mock questions

graphic design mock questions

SHS Graphic Design Mock Questions

Parkoso SHS Graphic design mock questions: The teachers of graphic design have set these test items to guide candidates to be successful during the examination


PAPER 2 ESSAY TEST [60 Marks] Answer FOUR questions only

All the questions carry equal marks

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material

1. (a)Describe and illustrate how to rebind a saddle stitched exercise book by the two- stitch method using thread and needle 15 marks

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2. Explain the following terms as used in Graphic Design
(a) Calligraphy
(c) Perspective
(d) Kerning
(e) Logo
(f) Stencil 15 marks


3. (a)What is a book Jacket? 2marks
(b)With a sketch identify any three basic information that must be found on the front cover of a book. 1 mark each
(c)Write short notes on Poster and why it should be attractive. 10 marks


Graphic design mock questions

4. (a) Explain the Concept Packaging? 2marks
(b) List three pieces of information found on a package. 1 mark each
(c) Describe 4 functions of a package 2 ½ each


5. (a)Illustrate the following tools as used by the graphic design
i. Easel
ii. Squeegee
iii. Spray diffuser 9 marks each

(b) State the use of each of the tools listed in (a) 6 marks each


6. (a) Explain the term Business Risk? 3 marks

(b)List three types of risk a business can face? 3 marks
(c)Discuss how the risk listed in (b) above can be controlled. 9 marks


OBJECTIVES TEST: Answer all the questions

1. The correct order of steps for rebinding an old block is
I. Marking stitching points
II. Stitching with new thread
III. Collating
IV. Dismantling

A. I, II, III and IV
B. II, III, I and IV
C. III, II, I and IV
D.IV, III, I and IV


Graphic design mock questions

2. Which of the following tools is best used for spreading colour over a wood-block?
A. Brush
B. Foam
C. Brayer
D. Squeegee


3. The final stage in the multi-selection binding of a block is
A. trimming the edges of the book
B. folding the sheets together
C. sewing at the spine
D. casing-in


4. Some of the elements of design are
I. line
II. shape
III. rhythm
IV. colour
V. texture

A. I, II, IV and V only
B. II, III, IV and V only
C. I, II, III and IV only
D. I, III, IV and V only


Graphic design mock questions

5. When organising an exhibition, the activity that comes first is?
A. Building a portfolio
B. Decorating the venue
C. Informing the public
D. Preparing brochures


6. Inter-letter spacing is important in lettering because it improves
A. visibility

B. lettering
C. legibility
D. leading


7. Which of the following information on a label gives protection to a manufactured product?
A. Bar code
B. Content
C. Ingredients
D. Trade mark


Graphic design mock questions

8. A picture of a wine glass on a carton indicates that it contains
A. heavy objects
B. breakable items
C. transparent items
D. poisonous chemicals


9. Score marks on a printed packages facilitate
A. reading
B. packing
C. folding
D. printing


Graphic design mock questions

Use the figure below to answer questions10 to 12

graphic design mock questions
graphic design mock questions

10. The figure above is a drawing termed as
A. one-point perspective
B. two-point perspective
C. three-point perspective
D. four-point perspective


11. The part labelled ‘A’ is the
A. left side
B. right side
C. bottom
D. top


12. The part labelled ‘B’ is termed
A. eye level
B. foreshortening
C. grid
D. vanishing point


Graphic design mock questions

13. In print making, lino is referred to wood, mainly because
A. lino does not allow for greater details
B. lino absorbs more ink
C. wood is more difficult to cut
D. wood is easily affected by weather


14. Which of these Graphic Design products is displayed outside?
A. Bunting
B. Flip chart
C. Garland
D. Vignette


15. Lower case letters are made up of
ascenders, descenders and
A. cap letters
B. primary letters
C. square letters
D. secondary letters


Graphic design mock questions

16. Cover boards for book binding are
A. cheaper than all other papers
B. of equal thickness with book paper
C. shinier and larger than book paper
D. thicker and harder than book paper


17. For a billboard to be effective and retain its impact, it must
A. always be illustrated
B. be extremely large
C. carry brief and clear message
D. be made up of only realistic drawings


18. Designers purposely crop up photographs in order to
A. block out all details
B. enlarge illustrations
C. reduce large images
D. trim off non-essential areas


Graphic design mock questions

19. In which printing process is the brayer used?
A. Letterpress
B. Gravure
C. Screen printing
D. Lino printing


20. Under safe light, an exposed sensitized screen will
A. become fogged
B. remain potent
C. become dark

D. lose its sensitivity


Graphic design mock questions

21. The word DEADLINE as used by designers means the
A. specially marked line of type to be deleted
B. time by which assigned jobs should have been completed
C. specially marked lines of text to be underlined
D. time by which assigned job should have started


22. Which of these types of paper is most suitable for printing paperback books
A. Art paper
B. Cartridge paper
C. Newsprint
D. Manila


Graphic design mock questions

23. Job specification for Graphic Designers in supermarkets normally include
A. filing and receipt book making
B. invoicing and window display of wares
C. labelling and window display of wares
D. the selling and exporting of goods


24. The V-shaped gouge in lino cutting tool kit is used to
A. cut sunken lines
B. etch metal plates
C. create shapes
D. mark margins


25. Decorated letters that start citations are technically known as
A. Calligraphic letters
B. Embossed letters
C. Illuminated letters
D. Reversed letters


Graphic design mock questions

26. Pin-holes in prepared screens are conveniently blocked with
A. lacquer
B. glue
C. gummed paper
D. masking tape


27. Which of these books is side wire stitched?
A. Class register
B. Dictionary
C. Magazine
D. Receipt book


28. Gothic letters are recommended for road signs because they

A. are without serifs
B. are like roman letters
C. have ornamental projections
D. are easy to read


Graphic design mock questions

29. Which of the following options is an example of indirect risk?
A. Fire outbreak
B. Inflation
C. Theft
D. Unnecessary expenditure


30. Some colours are referred to analogous because they
A. are opposite to each other on the colour wheel
B. are usually tinted and shaded
C. have different hues and values
D. share common base colours


Graphic design mock questions

31. Which of the following media require water as a vehicle?
I. Powder Colour
II. Tempera Paint
III. Enamel
IV. Acrylic Paint
A. I, II, and III only
B. I, II, and IV only
C. I, III, and IV only
D. II, III, and IV only


32. What makes the use of bullets as part of page layout important?
A. They fill empty spaces in layout
B. Some designers find them fascinating
C. They lead the readers eye across the page
D. They enhance the total page design


Graphic design mock questions

33. The hue obtained from mixing red and blue in equal proportion is complimentary to
A. brown
B. green
C. violet
D. yellow


34. Which of the following is least considered when designing packages?
A. Needs of Product
B. Product size
C. Production process
D. Shape of product


35. Select the factors to consider when designing the cover of a story book from the options below
A. Balance and inner feeling

B. Function and aesthetics
C. Inner feeling and skills
D. Theme and aesthetics


Graphic design mock questions

36. An example of allusive logo is the symbol of
A. Coca Cola
B. Goil
C. Mercedes Benz
D. Shell


37. Which method will be most appropriate in printing a half-tone image on fabric?
A. Block-out stencil
B. Paper stencil
C. Photographic stencil
D. Pro film stencil


38. A computer toolbox is like an artist’s work because it holds all the tools
A. for drawing, painting and erasing.
B. for printing, cutting and drawing
C. such as pencil, brush and ruler
D. like card cutter, roller and squeegee


Graphic design mock questions

39. Which following features is considered most important in poster design?
A. Brief precise message
B. Harmonious colours
C. Neat decorative lettering
D. Realistic pictures


40. The most essential materials to strengthen the backbone of a book are
A. boards and glue
B. glue and tapes
C. muslin and boards
D. tapes and muslin

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