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SHS Management In Living Mock questions

Management In Living Mock questions

Management In Living Mock questions

Management In Living Mock questions

Management In Living Mock questions: The question items are well selected. The question is expected to aid the performance of candidates.


1. Which of the following statement is true about home improvement?
b) It involves changing the building plan
c) It involves buying new furniture or making new curtain
d) It means spending a lot of money
e) It involves making simple structural changes


2. Why is crossed cheque safer than open cheque?
a) The receiver can cash it immediately at the bank
b) It can only be paid into the account of the receiver
c) It can only be cashed in one bank
d) The receiver can cash it over the counter

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3. The purpose of controlling during implementation of plans is to
a) Check the activities of the one doing the work
b) Ensure that resources are available
c) Ensure that goals are being met
d) Set standard for plans being implemented

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4. Which of the following decisions are made during the planning stage in management?
I. Clarifying goals and identifying resources
II. Controlling and implementation
III. Standard setting and sequencing
IV. Identifying resources and adjusting
a) I and III only
b) I and IV only
c) II and III only
d) III and IV only

Management In Living Mock questions

5. To make a refrigerator work efficiently
a) Pack the contents tightly together on the shelf
b) Allow more ice to form in the freezer compartment
c) Turn regulator to the highest point
d) Defrost when too much ice is formed


6. An important consideration in the removal of dirt and dust is that
a) Cleaning should be done with as little damage as possible to the surface
b) The surface should shine after cleaning
c) The procedure should be sequential
d) The surface should be scrubbed hard to remove dirt quickly


7. Employers help their workers plan for their future through
a) Life insurance and short-term savings
b) Superannuation and fixed deposits
c) Insurance schemes and end of service benefits


8. How long must a person work for his/her employers to qualify for a pension or gratuity?
a) At least 5 years
b) More than 20 years
c) At least 10 years
d) More than 50 years

Management In Living Mock questions

9. Why are goods and services provided by family members considered as income?
a) They are considered as very important to family members
b) They are used by family members to supplement what they earn
c) Their value exceeds the cash incomes earned by the members
d) Family members would have to pay them if they were not available


10. Which of the following materials are suitable for making sweeping brushes?
a) Coconut waste and nylon
b) Vegetable fibres
c) Wool and metal fibres
d) Cotton waste and nylon fibres

Management In Living Mock questions

11. The basic ingredient for home- made polish are candle wax
a) Kerosene and camphor
b) Palm oil and kerosene
c) Kerosene and sheabutter
d) Candle and sheabutter


12. Which of the following indicates wise household budgeting?
a) Shopping without prior preparation
b) Considering available resources
c) Frequent buying of new things for the home
d) Spending money on food and clothing only

Management In Living Mock questions

13. When buying floor coverings for the kitchen, which of the following is the most important to consider?
a) Hard wearing quality of the covering
b) Large designs in the covering
c) Attractive colour of the covering
d) Small design in the covering


14. Consumer credit is used in everyday living. What benefit does one gain by its use?
a) It helps to acquire all the things needed
b) It improves one’s standard of living
c) It enables one to learn how to use credit
d) Check the money that you have


15. What should you do first when you want to buy a house?
a) Go round private buildings
b) Advertise that you want to buy a house
c) Go round estate agencies
d) Check the money that you’ve


16. Which of the following is the responsibility of the landlord?
a) Keeping furniture and equipment in good order
b) Making sure there are no children in the house
c) Repairing the house
d) Keeping the house clean

Management In Living Mock questions

17. The empty nest stage is the period when the
a) Couple bear children
b) Couple is left alone
c) Couple makes a home and is prepared for parenthood
d) Children begin to get established in jobs away from home


18. When a consumer continues to get more goods as long as he pays some amount
every month, he is using
a) Service credit
b) Sales credit
c) Installment credit
d) Revolving credit


19. Which of the following considerations will guide your choice in the forms of savings?
I. Ease of getting money back
II. Rate of return given by the bank
III. Amount of savings to be made
IV. Other services provided by the bank
a) I and II
b) II and III
c) IV and I
d) IV and III


20. What measures has the government of Ghana taken to ensure that houses are
a) Encouraging the use of local materials
b) Decreasing the sizes of rooms
c) Building houses with bedrooms
d) Encouraging the formation of cooperatives

Management In Living Mock questions

21. Good money management depends on?
a) The basic needs of the family
b) Spending habits
c) Proper planning of spending
d) Tastes and preferences


22. Work time refers to the time spent on
a) Cooking the day’s meal
b) Income earning activities
c) Shopping for household items
d) Laundering family clothes

Management In Living Mock questions

23. A boy who attend school or trains for a job is investing in himself because of the benefit of
a) Greater skills and knowledge
b) Getting a job and greater knowledge
c) Higher income and better life
d) Higher income and promotion


24. An adopted child is a
a) Visitor
b) Co-tenant
c) House-help
d) Family member


25. A cheque bounces when there is
a) No money at the bank
b) Enough money in the person’s account
c) Less money in the person’s account
d) Less money at the bank


26. The purpose of using pinholders in flower containers is to
a) Add colour and beauty to the flower
b) Hold the bottom of the flowers
c) Make the flowers bright
d) Make the flowers last longer

Management In Living Mock questions

27. An instruction to the bank which authorizes the manager to deduct money from one’s account to pay one’s bill is?
a) Standing order
b) Payment order
c) Transfer order
d) Deduction order


28. Soap is any substance which

a) Foams
b) Lathers
c) Lathers and removes dirt


29. A housewife can make her cleaning agent from
a) Toilet soap, egg shell and broken china
b) Green vegetable leaves, abrasives and soil
c) Wood ash, egg shell and broken china
d) Cold water, soap and baking powder

Management In Living Mock questions

30. A good shopper should do all the following except
a) Make a shopping list
b) Check expiry dates
c) Read information
d) Buy what neighbours buy

Management In Living Mock questions

31. The best site for building a house is
a) A spacious and well drained site
b) An area near the bank of a lake


32. If you overdraw your account at the bank it means you have
a) Taken out all your money from the bank
b) Taken more money than you have in your account
c) A limited account of money

Management In Living Mock questions

33. Credit can be considered a good resource if it
a) Makes you happy
b) Is used often
c) Helps you acquire thing you cannot afford by cash
d) Helps to pay for all your other credits


34. Ways of analyzing work to cut down movement and save time and energy is known as
a) Work assessment
b) Work study
c) Work simplification
d) Work method


35. The blessing of a marriage by the church
a) Has the same status as ordinance marriage
b) Gives the man power over the woman
c) Does not have legal support

Management In Living Mock questions

36. The most challenging stage in the development of an individual is the
a) Toddler stability
b) Adult stage
c) Infant stage
d) Adolescent stage


37. The process which couples go through to maintain their marriage is called
a) Marital stability
b) Marital adjustment
c) Unity of purpose
d) Affection and love


38. Which of the following indicates the correct application of the second step in decision making?
a) Deciding to make your own dress or buying one
b) Seeking information from seamstress and friend
c) Asking a seamstress to make a dress for you
d) Identifying the fact that you need a dress

Management In Living Mock questions

39. What is the relationship between dirt and dust?
a) Dirt is loose dust
b) Dust is fixed dirt

c) Dust is a stain
d) Dirt is fixed dust


40. What first aid treatment would you give to a friend who feels faint?
a) Lay him down and make him breathe deeply
b) Sit him down with head raised
c) Lay him down and allow him to sleep with knees raised
d) Sit him down with head bent between the knees

Management In Living Mock questions

41. Which of the following is a long financial future plan?
a) Buying stocks in a business
b) Taking a life insurance policy
c) Saving with the credit union
d) Putting money in a fixed deposit account


42. How would you keep your house free from pests?
a) By setting up traps each night
b) By avoiding the act of throwing food about carelessly
c) By emptying dustbins only when full
d) Income, social position and security

Management In Living Mock questions

43. A house designed for a specific family to meet the family’s
a) Need for privacy, income and furnishing
b) Taste, size and social position
c) Taste, lifestyle and needs
d) Income, social position and security


44. The percentage of an employee’s salary that he/she contributes towards social security benefits is?
a) 2 ½%
b) 7%
c) 12 ½ %
d) 15%


45. As a result of a family not being able to live one person’s salary
a) Women have changed jobs
b) Women are now responsible for the uptake of their children
c) Both women and men go to work
d) Both women and men go to the farm

Management In Living Mock questions

46. Under which of the following does time fall?
a) Wants
b) Needs
c) Resources
d) Goals


47. One characteristic of a good marriage is the
a) Existence of children
b) Existence of tolerance and understanding
c) Permanent presence of in-laws in the couple’s home
d) Continuous showering of expensive gifts on the wife by the husband


48. Most families have more resources to use freely during the
a) Beginning stage
b) Contracting stage
c) Expanding stage
d) Empty nest stage

Management In Living Mock questions

49. For efficient work to be done in the kitchen, light should be placed
a) At the centre of the room
b) Along one long wall
c) Set standard
d) At the corners of the room


50. Patrilineal family system is practised by

a) Fanti
b) Ashanti
c) Akyem
d) Ga

Management In Living Mock questions

51. For a successful marriage, there id the need for
a) Adequate preparation before marriage
b) Interference from in-laws
c) Advice from friends
d) Sex education


52. The interstate succession law was promulgated basically to protect
a) An extended family
b) Unregistered spouse
c) Nephews and nieces
d) Spouse and children

Management In Living Mock questions

53. Which of the following statements contributes to teenage pregnancy?
a) Teaching children sex education
b) Using children in economic activities
c) Supervision of children’s movement
d) Disagreement between children


54. A which of the following has a long-term goal?
a) Keeping the house clean
b) Watching a favourite TV show
c) Buying a pair of socks
d) Going to the university


55. Nana is making a list of subjects she needs to study for her examination, she is
a) Organizing
b) Planning
c) Evaluating
d) Implementing

Management In Living Mock questions

56. What would Esi be doing if she’s thinking whether she made the right choice?
a) Defining her problem
b) Comparing possible outcomes
c) Identifying alternatives
d) Evaluating results


57. Goals are things we
a) Need
b) Want
c) Desire
d) Control


58. Decisions are made when
a) There’s only an action to take
b) There are alternatives
c) A person is sure of what to do
d) A person has no choice

Management In Living Mock questions

59. Which of the following are called motivators to management?
a) Goals, wants and resources
b) Values, decisions and goals
c) Values, needs and goals
d) Standards, needs and resources


60. Which of the following is a tool in management?
a) Energy
b) Goal
c) Want
d) Need


PAPER 2 THEORY TEST Answer FOUR Questions Only From This Section

1. State four (4) importance of good ventilation in the kitchen.
(i) State four (4) importance of lighting in the home.
(ii) State four (4) importance of adequate storage space.
(iii) State four (4) importance of work surfaces.


2. What is the importance of credit to the individual and family in a modern economy?
(i) Explain with relevant examples the advantages and disadvantages of instalment and revolving credits.

Management In Living Mock questions

3. What are the functions of the family?
(ii) Describe the extended family.
(iii) State four (4) importance of the extended family.
(iv) State four (4) disadvantages of the extended family.


4. What is time?
(i) State four (4) characteristics of time.
(ii) State four (4) ways of saving time and energy.

Management In Living Mock questions

5. What are values?
(i) In what ways can values affect your goals?
(ii) State short-term goals that can help a person accomplish a long-term goal of building a house.


6. What are stains?
(i) State and explain four (4) points to consider when removing stains from surfaces.

Management In Living Mock questions

7. State four (4) ways to remove palm oil in plastic plate
(ii) State four (4) ways to remove oil paint on paper


8. Describe four (4) ways in which the family’s function of socialisation has changed over the years.
(i) Esi is living with her step parent and step sibling. What four things can she do to maintain good family relationship?

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