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WASSCE government mock questions

wassce government mock questions

wassce government mock questions

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

WASSCE government mock questions: The mock questions for social studies is expected to help prepare candidates adequately for the final examination.



1. Sovereignty does not reside in the
A. Constitution
B. People
C. Legislature
D. Armed Forces


2. Which of the following accounts for the practice of separation of power?
A. Avoiding the rule by the minority
B. Avoiding tyranny in the process of Government.
C. Safeguarding supremacy of parliament
D. Making the judiciary a powerful institution of government.

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3. A constitution government of a state means that
A. The government is constituted by intellectuals
B. Any one party must be legally allowed to govern

C. Rules and regulation must be existence for the governance of the state
D. The decision of the judiciary should always be accepted by the executive


4. Which of the following constitution gave all regions of Ghana representation in the legislature?
A. The 1957 independence constitution
B. The 1946 Burns constitution
C. The 1925 Guggisberg constitution
D. The 1916 Clifford Constitution

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5. The final Court of Appeal in Ghana under the 1992 Constitution is the
A. Court of Appeal
B. Privy council
C. Supreme Court
D. High Court

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

6. The party official who ensures that party members in parliament vote in accordance with party policies in referred to the
A. Whip
B. Black bencher
C. Speaker
D. Opposition leader

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7. Second Chambers are said to be necessary in a system of government because they
A. Give chiefs place in politics
B. Carry out reform of electoral laws
C. Check criminals in a state
D. Revise radical bills


8. Which of the following is a problem of Public Corporation?
A. Fixing price for the product of corporation
B. Political interference from the government
C. Marketing of the product corporation
D. Appointment of member of the board of Directors.

9. Elections are free and fair when
A. The electoral commission support the ruling party
B. Qualified voters allowed to vote without any intimidation
C. Women are allowed to vote
D. Candidates for parliamentary elections do not pay any deposits.


10. Which of the following is not a function of any ordinary member of parliament?
A. To visit his constituency regularly
B. To take part in parliamentary debate
C. To collect taxes from persons in his constituency
D. To assist in making laws for the state

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

11. A peculiar feature of the 1957 constitution of Ghana was the
A. The amendment procedure involved both the nation and Regional Assembly
B. It was a confederal constitution
C. It proved for the establishment of one party state
D. The legislature was bicameral


12. Who was appointed the sole commissioner to determine the issue of unitary or federal system of government for Ghana in 1955?
A. Gerald creasy

B. Lord listowel
C. Aiken Watson
D. Fredrick Bourne


13. The principle of universal adult suffrage was first applied throughout Ghana under the
A. 1996 Constitution
B. 1951 Constitution
C. 1954 Constitution
D. 1957 Constitution


14. An independent candidate in an election is the contestant
A. Who is unopposed
B. Expected to win the majority
C. Sponsored by a dominant party
D. Who does not belong to any party


15. Sovereignty of sate described in modern sense as the
A. Rule by a monarch
B. Rule by the president
C. Process and procedures for decision-making
D. Rule by the judiciary

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

16. Which of the following is not a form of decentralization?
A. Democracy
B. Confederation
C. Deconcentration
D. Delegation


17. Measurement of public opinion is done through
A. News coverage
B. Opinion poll
C. Poll tax
D. Population census

18. A person not born in Ghana but has Ghanaian ancestors can claim Ghanaian citizenship through
A. Legislation
B. Marriage
C. Descent
D. Naturalization


19. The body responsible for the conduct of elections in a state is the
A. Commission on culture
B. Electoral commission
C. Commission for Civic Education
D. Commission on Human Right


20. Unofficial majority in the legislative council in Ghana was first introduced by the
A. 1957 constitution
B. 1951 constitution
C. 1946 constitution
D. 1925 constitution

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

21. The first military intervention in Ghana overthrew the government of the

A. People's National Party
B. Conventions People's Party
C. Progress Party
D. National Democratic Congress


22. One of the necessary preconditions for the formation of federation is
A. Equalities among component states
B. The rights of state to secede
C. Inability to owe double allegiance
D. Geographical nearness of the state


23. A system of government in which old men rule is
A. Oligarchy
B. Autocracy
C. Feudalism
D. gerontocracy


24. Which of the following countries had a socialist system of government?
A. France
B. British
C. Romania
D. Japan


25. The association of independent states which formed the former British Empire is known as the
A. United Nations Organization
B. Commonwealth of Nations
C. Trusteeship Council
D. Non Aligned Movement

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

26. One of the main causes of the 1948 riots in Ghana was that
A. Essential commodities were in very short supply
B. Kwame Nkrumah left the United Gold Coast Convention
C. The educated elite were not interested in politics
D. The people wanted to establish a federal system of government


27. Which of the following is a feature of an indirect election?
A. Multi-member constituency
B. Restricted franchise
C. Second ballot system
D. Electoral college


28. Ghana attained a Republican status through the option of
A. 1957 constitution
B. 1969 constitution
C. 1960 constitution
D. 1979 constitution


29. Federalism in multi-ethnic state may result in

A. Unity in diversity
B. Ethnic diversity
C. Limited diversity
D. Absolute diversity


30. The institution responsible for the implementation of government policies is the
A. Judiciary
B. Civil service
C. Electoral commission
D. Legislature

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

31. Constitution of pre-colonial African political system were
A. Federal
B. Written
C. Unwritten
D. Confederal


32. The Times of West Africa newspaper was founded in Ghana by
A. Kwame Nkrumah
B. Nnamdi Azikiwe
C. Akuffo Addo
D. J. B. Danquah


33. The body responsible for the appointment and promotion of public servants in Ghana is the
A. Public Utilities Commission
B. Public Service Commission
C. National Service Council
D. Judicial Service Council


34. The body which supervises the performance of public board and corporations in Ghana is the
A. State Enterprise Commission
B. Public Service commission
C. National Media commission
D. Ghana Cocoa Board


35. Which of the following constitution of Ghana granted special powers to the president
A. The 1979 constitution
B. The 1969 constitution
C The 1960 constitution
D. The 1957 constitution

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

36. A tribunal is another name for
A. An election
B. A pressure group
C. A court
D. A referendum


37. In a federation, concurrent powers are vested in the
A. Local and municipal government
B. State and municipal government
C. Central government
D. Central and state government


38. A multi-party system of government ensures the existence of democracy in a state because it

A. Allows people to choose from various policies
B. Promotes frequent changes in government
C. Makes it easy to form coalition government
D. Creates intolerance in politics


39. The judiciary is independent when
A. It is able to convict opposition members
B. Judges are not controlled by any external authority
C. The chief justice is appointed by the head of the state
D. It supports the executive in all its decisions


40. The function of government as an institution is to
A. Create equality in persons
B. Co-ordinate the affairs of other states
C. Maintain law and order in the state
D. Nationalize private property

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

41. Power that is used with legitimacy is referred to as
A. Tradition
B. proclamation
C. Charisma
D. Authority


42. Which of the following is not a characteristic of fascist government
A. Emergence of a decisive leader
B. Individual elevation above the state
C. Anti-democratic practices
D. Extreme nationalism


43. The organization of social structure to promote the fullest opportunity for development is associated with
A. Capitalism
B. Feudalism
C. Socialism
D. Nazism


44. A system of government with ultimate exercise of powers located at the centre is
A. Unitary
B. Feudal
C. Decentralized
D. Democratic


45. The principle by which one arm of government acts as watchdog on the others is
A. Rule of law
B. Checks and balances
C. C. Judicial review
D. D. Press freedom

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

46. In a parliamentary system of government, power is divided between the
A. Chief justice and speaker
B. Prime minister and speaker
C. Prime minister and president
D. President and chief justice


47. The process by which the judiciary examines constitutional validity of legislature and executive enactment is referred to as
A. Judicial review
B. Judicial independence
C. Jurisprudence
D. Judicial precedence


48. The British colonial system of local administration was called
A. Assimilation
B. Association
C. Direct rule
D. Indirect rule


49. The framework for increased participation of chiefs in government in Ghana was Initiated by
A. Governor Guggisberg
B. Governor Coussey
C. Lord Listowel
D. Governor McCarthy


50. ‘self government now’ was the goal of the
A. United Gold Coast Convention
B. Convention People’s Party
C. United Party
D. Northern People's Party




1 a. Define the Executive Arm of Government
b. Highlight four (4) functions of the Executive Arm of Government.

2 a. What is a Pressure Group?
b. Highlight four (4) factors that aid the effective operation of pressure groups.

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

3 State five (5) factors that influence the delimitation of constituencies.

4. Identify five (5) main Functions which political parties perform in a state.

5. State five (5) Functions of the civil service in Ghana.


6. Why did the British introduce indirect rule in their West African Colonies.

7. State Five (5) causes of the 1948 riots in Ghana.

WASSCE Government Mock Questions

8. Outline the features of the 1957 independent constitution of Ghana.

9. Identify Five (5) Challenges facing the Commonwealth of Nations.

10. Highlight any Five (5) external factors that led to the increased nationalist activities in the Gold Coast after the Second World War.

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