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GSTS social studies mock questions and answers

social studies mock questions answers

social studies mock questions answers

GSTS social studies mock questions and answers

Social studies mock questions: The exam items have been selected by very experienced teachers who spent over two decades preparing students for WASSCE.


Paper two (objectives): social studies mock questions

1. A student who aims at becoming a medical doctor has a

a. Group goal b. family value c. long-term goal d. long-term value


2. The self-concept of an individual is influenced by other people during

a. Adolescence b. adulthood c. old age d. marriage


3. Where the delivery of a baby by natural means poses risk to the mother, the baby is delivered by

a. Genital mutilation b. caesarean section c. artificial insemination d. ovariotomy


4. A burning sensation in the make genital organ and the discharge of yellow threads of pus are symptoms of

a. Syphilis b. gonorrhea c. candidiasis d. bilhazias


5. How many clans do the Akans have

a. 10 b. 9 c. 8 d. 7

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Social studies mock questions and answers

6. In Ghana which of the following cultural practices clearly indicates the identity of each ethnic group

a. Music and dance b. code of dressing c. family life d. system of diet


7. In Ghana, all national flags fly at half-mast where there is a

a. Referendum b. state of morning c. national anniversary d. state of emergency


8. Which of the following African countries has never been colonized

a. Ethiopia b. Tanzania c. Egypt d. Somalia


9. The challenges of political independence in Ghana can best be met through

a. Cultural heritage b. Electing experienced leaders c. formulating policies d. positive attitude to work


10. The best way to resolve conflicts in the Ghanaian society is through

a. Consensus-building b. harsh sanctions c. peaceful demonstrations d. the law courts


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Paper two: social studies mock questions and answers

11. Which of the following factors is not a cause of conflict in Ghana

a. Chieftaincy disputes b. ethnicity c. incorruptibility d. partisan politics


12. To be able to transform and modernize the economy, the youth need

a. Marriage certificates b. requisite skills c. to acquire leadership skills d. to belong to pressure groups


13. When taking  a loan from bank, the borrower must first consider

a. His or her anticipated income

b. The budget for the nuclear family

c. The rate of inflation in the country

d. The interest rate and terms of payment


14. One advantage of the use of indigenous technology is that it is

a. Always free b. highly profitable c. less expensive d. easily amended


15. The key to technological development is the utilization of

a. Natural resources b. capital resources c. physical labour d. scientific knowledge


Paper two: social studies mock questions and answers

16. In Ghana bauxite is mined at

a. Awaso b. Saltpond c. Axim d. Obuasi


17. Which of the following mineral resources is used in the production of aluminium goods in Ghana

a. Silver b. nickel c. bauxite d. managanese


18. The residential arrangement where the newly married couple establishes their own household is termed

a. Neolocal b. duolocal c. patrilocal d. matrilocal


19. In the Ghanaian society, all marriages begin with

a. Religious rite b. court registration c. bridal feast d. customary rite


20. Aggregate segment of lineage in traditional society form a

a. Kinship b. kingship c. clan d. family


Paper two: social studies mock questions

21. A group of people who are related by blood marriages or adoption is known as

a. Clan b. family c. lineage d. an ethnic group


22. Irresponsible parenting is on the increase in developing countries due to

a. Abject poverty b. illiteracy c. widowhood d. immigration


23. The process of bringing up and looking after children to be useful citizen is

a. Education b. parenthood c. parenting d. socialization


24. The things and attributes man considers very important are known as

a. Goals b. values c. standards d. habits


25. Organized relationships and interactions among a group of people constitute their

a. Culture b. behavorial pattern c. religion d. social development


Paper two: social studies mock questions and answers

26. Which of the following leadership styles grants complete freedom to followers

a. Paternalistic b. laissez-faire c. autocratic d. democratic


27. Laissez-faire has been associated with

a. Socialism b. communism c. capitalism d. totalitarianism


28. Which of the following best describes the structure of local government in Ghana

a. One-tier b. two-tier c. three-tier d. four-tier


29. The civil service is under the

a. Executive b. judiciary c. legislature d. human rights commission


30. In Ghana, the term community refers to a group of people who

a. Belong to the same clan

b. Speak the same language

c. Share common goals

d. Work in one co-operative organization


Paper two: social studies mock questions

31. The most important factor to b considered in community development is

a. Availability of natural resources

b. Prioritization of problems

c. Public education

d. Visionary leadership


32. To reduce inequalities in the distribution of income which of the following taxes would you impose

a. Progressive tax b. stamp duty c. excise duty d. sales tax


33. The exchange of goods and services between countries is called

a. Balance of trade b. international specification c. terms of trade d. international trade


34. Sustainable development can best be achieved in a country by

a. Foreign aid b. political stability c. debt cancellation d. abundant natural resources


35. When a country’s development is uninterrupted over a long period of time it is described as

a. Flexible b. reversible c. sustainable d. vulnerable


Paper two: social studies mock questions and answers

36. Sunlight helps to prevent

a. Measles b. rickets c. malaria d. cholera


37. Heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are responsible for

a. Greenhouse effect b. ozone depletion c. harmattan d. humidity


38. Which of the following factors is an impediment to rapid social change in Ghana

a. Culture b. education c. technology d. urbanization


39. The most effective means of achieving social integration in a heterogeneous society is through

a. Education b. socialization c. marriage d. sport


40. In Ghana, the girl child education policy is aimed at achieving gender

a. Superiority b. equality c. diversity d. inferiority


Paper two: social studies mock questions

41. Citizens who refuses to enlist and defend the wintry as soldiers are known as

a. Pacifists b. patriots c. puritans d. protestants


42. In a society the enjoyment of rights must go with

a. Authority b. privileges c. considerations d. responsibilities


43. The first conference of the non-aligned movement (NAM) took place in

a. Belgrade b. Accra c. Cairo d. New Delhi


44. Where is the seat of the International Court of Justice

a. New York b. paris c. Geneva d. The Hague


45. The treaty establishing the Economic Community of West African State (ECOWAS) was singed in

a. Banjul b. Abidjan c. Lome d. Lagos


Paper two: social studies mock questions and answers

46. What government fears most in respect of rapid population growth is

a. Insufficiency of food

b. Poor housing conditions

c. Job availability

d. Lack of medical attention


47. B. C. G. immunization is against

a. Polio b. measles c. tetanus d. diththeria


48. The facility given to a customer to take an amount more than what is in his account is called

a. a loan b. a standing order c. an overdraft d. a payment order


49. In a business organization, records of all payment and receipts are kept in the

a. Cash book b. ledger c. purchase day book d. sales day book


50. What a business owes to creditors is known as

a. Assets b. capital c. sales d. liabilities


Paper 2: GSTS mock questions

Answer five questions in all, choosing at least one and not more than two questions from each of sections A, B and C.

Section A: The environment

1. Explain five (5) reasons why the individual needs to know himself/ herself


2a. Explain marriage

b. Discuss four challenges that confront a married couple in the Ghanaian society.


social studies mock questions and answers

3. Explain the term socialization

b. Discuss four (4) ways by which socialization is promoted in the Ghanaian society


4. Outline five (5) measures that the Environmental Protection  Agency (EPA) can take to control hazards created by mining activities in Ghana

social studies mock questions and answers

Section B: Governance, politics and stability

5a. State two (2) characteristics of each of the following leadership styles

i. Democratic

ii. Laissez-faire

b. Describe four roles of a leader in nation building


6a. What is democratic governance

b. Highlight four (4) benefits Ghana derives from practicing democratic governance


social studies mock questions and answers

7a. State two (2) examples each to distinguish between natural rights and political rights

b. Describe four (4) ways by which the state safeguards the rights of the individual in Ghana


8. Discuss five (5) ways of motivating the youth  to contribute effectively to national development


social studies mock questions and answers

9a. What is resource development

b. Explain four measures that are adopted to develop human resource in Ghana


10a. Explain the term sustainable development

b. Discuss four (4) benefits Ghana can derive from sustainable development

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