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UCC JHS BECE English Language Mock Questions

UCC BECE English Language Mock Questions

UCC BECE English Language Mock Questions

UCC JHS BECE English Language Mock Questions | Download the French and Fante mock questions

UCC JHS BECE English language mock questions. This BECE English language mock questions is set by the some of the best Junior High School tutors in the country. The questions enables the candidates to prepare adequately for the impending BECE.

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BECE English language mock questions


Answer one question only from this part.  Your composition should be about 250 words long. Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.

1. Your parents have taken your mobile phone from you, with the explanation that you need to concentrate on your preparation towards the upcoming B.E.C.E. Write a letter to an uncle who lives abroad, explaining to him why you need your mobile phone back and asking him to intervene.

2. You witnessed the lynching of an alleged thief during a market day. Describe what you saw to a friend.

3. You are a speaker in a school debate on the motion, ‘There should be a ban on the sale of carbonated drinks at the school canteen’. Write your arguments for or against the motion.


BECE English language mock questions PART B: COMPREHENSION: 30 marks

4. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Once upon a time, there was a proud young man. In his opinion, none of the other young men in the village was as fine as him. He was more handsome, he was better placed, and he was nimbler dancer. Someone
needed to remind him of the saying: pride goes before a fall. But no one told him this.
One day, all the young women of this village, including the proud young man, received an invitation to
dance in a nearby village. This was a bigger village and there were many beautiful girls there. The young
men looked forward to dancing with them. So they all on their best gowns and set out on foot. They all
walked fast, but of course the proud young man walked faster. He wanted to reach the nearby village first
and pick for himself the most beautiful girl of all.


However, on the way he was forced to answer nature’s call. He went behind a bush to relieve himself, and
became more bad-tempered every minute he had to spend there. He was afraid he would now be the last to
reach the village and not the first. In his hurry to dress himself again, he trailed the hem of his gown
carelessly and soiled it. When he left the bush, there was an ugly brown smelly patch on the back of the
gown, but he was not aware of it.


Some of his kinder companions were waiting for him still. They saw the dirt on his gown, but did not like
to tell him. They did not like the sharp way he spoke to them, but they did not tell him that, either. And so
they reached the dancing arena and the elders of the nearby village came forward to welcome them.
The dance began now. No one came near the proud young man. He danced alone in a wide-open space.
‘Aha’, he thought to himself, ‘they can all see that I am a better dancer, I’m better looking and I’m wearing
a finer gown. It was near the end of the dancing when an old woman of the village approached him.
Later that night, his companions returned. ‘You have brought shame on our village,’ they charged him.


BECE English language mock questions

(a) (i) How was the nearby village different from the young man’s?

(ii) Why did all the young men dress up and go to the nearby village?

(b) (i) Why did the proud young man want to be first at the nearby village?

(ii) Why wasn’t he first?

(c) (i) What didn’t the proud young man’s companions tell him?

(ii) Why didn’t they tell him?

(d) What did the proud young man think when nobody came near him during the dancing?

(e) Explain the following expressions in your own words:

(i) set out on foot

(ii) was forced to

(iii) was not aware of

(f) for each of the following words, give another word or phrase that means the same, and can fit into the passage:

(i) nimbler

(ii) relieve

(iii) hurry

(iv) companions

(v) arena



BECE English language mock questions. Answer all the questions in this part

SACKEY J.A. and DARMANI L. (COMP.): The Cockcrow

Read the following extract carefully and answer questions 5(a) to 5(c)

AMA ATA AIDOO: The Girl Who Can
…and it is a very big village in the Central Region of our country, Ghana. They also say that when all of
Africa is not choking under a drought …

(a) The name of the village is ………………………………

(b) The district is known for…………………………..

(c) The literary device in the underlined part of the extract is………


BECE English language mock questions. Read the following extract carefully and answer questions 5(d) to 5(f)

“Take Nana, first, I have to struggle to catch her attention. Then I tell something I had taken a long
time to figure out. Then you know what always happened? She would at once stop whatever she is
doing and, open her mouth, stare at me for a very long time”

(d) Who is the speaker?

(e) What does Nana do concerning what Adjoa tells her?

(f) The underlined part of the extract appeals to the reader’s sense of ………


BECE English language mock questions: LAWRENCE DRAMANI: Sosu and the Bukari Boys

(g) Why was Sosu not happy about the money given to him by the mother?

(h) What do Sosu and the Bukari Boys do on Wednesdays?

(i) The leader of the group is……………………

(j) Write down the common thing about the Bukari Boys.


PAPER 1: OBJECTIVE TEST: Answer all questions

BECE English language mock questions


1. The court …………the woman from the sale of obscene magazine.
A. fined
B. imprisoned
C. instructed
D. restrained


2. Alex and Amanda are …………….wise.
A. all
B. both
C. either
D. none


3. There is hardly any food left for the children,…………….?
A. is it
B. is there
C. isn’t there
D. will there


4. Jack Toronto is one of the boys who …………set free this morning.
A. had
B. has been
C. was
D. were


5. The thief was …………fast for anyone to catch.
A. so
B. too
C. very
D. really


BECE English language mock questions

6. Jerkie Julie is passionate …………………the video game industry.
A. about
B. for
C. on
D. with

7. ……………an hour after he left the station, the train arrive.
A. Barely
B. Indeed
C. Really
D. Soon

8. Dirty Daniel is accused of putting …………an air of superiority.
A. about
B. away
C. in
D. on

9. The students hardly remember the …………
A. administration civilian outcast
B. civilian outcast administration
C. outcast administration civilian
D. outcast civilian administration


10. No sooner had the thief gone …………the police came there.
A. before
B. than
C. then
D. when


BECE English language mock questions

11. I prefer oranges ……………mangoes.
A. from
B. than
C. to
D. with


12. If I were you, I ……………him.
A. had helped
B. will help
C. would have helped
D. would help


13. All but the new pupil …………absent today.
A. has
B. have
C. was
D. were


14. The blind ………….to be resettled at a new place.
A. are
B. going
C. is
D. will

15. Killer Kwaku is well versed ………English Literature.
A. at
B. for
C. in
D. into


BECE English language mock questions

SECTION B: Choose from the alternatives lettered A-D, the one which is nearest in meaning to the underlined word in each sentence.

16. If he does, he is a charlatan or a fool, and the odds are that he is both.
A. fraud
B. joker
C. skeptic
D. vagabond

17. Under the tutelage of Dr. Rokoto, the delegates discussed the social market economy.
A. leadership
B. protection
C. supervision
D. teaching

18. The most effective technique is to cajole rather than to threaten.
A. compel
B. impose
C. persuade
D. ridicule

19. A glass of whisky has only a transient warming effect.
A. negative
B. permanent
C. pleasurable
D. temporary

20. The film starts in a graveyard, the opposite image for the decaying society which is the theme of the film.
A. appropriate
B. contrasting
C. contrary
D. nice


BECE English language mock questions: Section C

In each of the following sentences, a group of words has been underlined. Choose from the alternatives lettered A to D the one that best explains the underlined group of words.


21. Hoping Helen was advised to pull herself together when the girl insulted her. This means that she should
A. control herself
B. let go
C. ponder over her action
D. show her powers


22. Wicked William’s account of the event was taken with a pinch of salt. This means that the account was
A. correct
B. detailed
C. disbelieved
D. reliable


23. The headmaster advised the man to go and sleep on the issue. This means that the man was advised to
A. forget the issue
B. go and take a decision
C. go and think over the issue
D. reverse the issue

24. The crisis has now come to a head. This means that the crisis has
A. been settled finally
B. been recognized
C. come before the head
D. reached a critical stage

25. Rikizzi informed the man in confidence that his daughter was mentally ill. This means that she gave the information
A. as a secret
B. confidently
C. openly
D. surprisingly


BECE English language mock questions

SECTION D: From the list of words lettered A to D, choose the one that is opposite in meaning to the word underlined in each sentence.


26. They vehemently opposed the notion that those individuals who gathered the most money achieve the greatest power.
A. mildly
B. immediately
C. passionately
D. strongly

27. The headmaster admires unassuming pupils but hates …… pupils.
A. arrogant
B. hardworking
C. modest
D. perfect

28. The bike race was only for novice riders but has now become a race for ………riders.
A. beginner
B. diligent
C. expert
D. lazy

29. She asked me a lot of very pertinent questions.
A. genuine
B. important
C. irrelevant
D. related

30. The authorities have so far failed to enact a law allowing unrestricted immigration.
A. debate
B. made
C. pass
D. reject

End of paper: BECE English language mock questions

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