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UCC JHS BECE RME Mock Questions

UCC JHS RME mock questions

UCC JHS RME mock questions

UCC JHS BECE RME Mock Questions

UCC JHS BECE RME Mock Questions: The BECE RME mock questions have been designed to test candidates in the best form of preparing candidates for the Basic Education Certificate Examination.


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This paper consists of three sections: A, B, and C. Answer three questions only, choosing one question from each section. All questions carry equal marks. Answer all the questions in your answer booklet.

Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of material.



Answer one question only from this section: BECE RME mock questions

1. (a) Show how God tested Abraham’s faith. [4 marks]

(b) What promise was made to Abraham after he obeyed God? [10 marks]

(c) State two moral lessons to be learnt from the life of A9braham. [6 marks]


2. (a) Give five contributions of Caliph Abu-Bakr to Islam. [15 marks]

(b) What three lessons can be learnt from the contributions of Caliph Abu-Bakr.? [5 marks]


3. (a) Write five important facts about Egya Ahor. [15 marks]

(b). What three lessons can be learnt from the life of Egya Ahor . [5 marks]



Answer one question only from this section: BECE RME mock questions

4. (a) Distinguish between the terms comportment and courtesy. [6 marks]

(b) Describe any four ways of showing courtesy in your community. [14 marks]


5. (a) Describe four ways that can show comportment. [10 marks]

(b). Explain four significances of courtesy and comportment in any society. [10 marks]



Answer one question only from this section: BECE RME mock questions

6. (a) What is bribery and corruption? [5 marks]

(b) Explain five effects of bribery and corruption society. [15 marks]


7. (a) How is leisure time different from idleness? [10 marks]

(b) Indicate four ways in which you can use your leisure time profitably. [10 marks]


UCC JHS BECE RME mock questions paper 1: Objective Test

BECE RME mock questions

1. According to Jesus, the poor in spirit are blessed because they shall
A. inherit the kingdom of God
B. be comforted
C. inherit the earth
D. be called the sons of God

2. Marriage has a good chance of succeeding if the
A. couple are from the same town
B. man has a lot of money
C. couple understand each other
D. woman is beautiful

3. A dead person is not rewarded as an ancestor if he or she
A. lived more than forty years
B. married and had many children
C. died while defending his community
D. died through an accident

4. God gave Noah and his people the rainbow as a sign of the covenant that
A. the earth would never again be destroyed by the floods
B. idol worshippers would be destroyed
C. heavenly bodies would always give light
D. humankind would always speak the same language

5. Togbe Tsali is remembered for
A. his cruelty to the Anlo’s
B. freeing his people from oppression
C. selling his people into slavery
D. allowing missionaries to preach to his people


BECE RME mock questions

6. Israel came out of slavery from Egypt under the leadership of
A. Joshua
B. Joseph
C. Abraham
D. Moses


7. According to the Bible the first thing created was
A. darkness
B. light
C. plant
D. land

8. An Akan girl qualifies for puberty rites when
A. She is between the ages of fifteen and sixteen years
B. she first experiences her menses
C. her breast develops
D. she first becomes pregnant

9. To the traditional believers the change from the physical to spiritual life occurs through
A. naming
B. birth
C. puberty
D. death

10. The Muslim prayer observed after sunset is
A. Maghrib
B. Asr
C. Zuhr
D. Fajr


BECE RME mock questions

11. Which of the following acts in Islam promotes good neighbourliness, love and brotherhood?
A. Hajj
B. Zakat
C. Salat
D. Ramadan

12. The Holy Qur’an describes angels as creatures who
A. anoint prophets and messengers of Allah
B. punish evil doers on the judgement day
C. act on the order of Allah
D. lead the faithful to observe the Hajj


13. Which of the following people was not a disciple of Jesus?
A. Paul
B. Peter
C. Matthew
D. James

14. The patriarch described as a great man of faith
A. Jacob
B. David
C. Moses
D. Abraham


15. On the fifth day of creation, God commanded
A. Lights to appear in the sky to separate day from night
B. Water and air to be filled with many kinds of living creatures
C. Water to come out of one place so that the land will appear
D. The water under the firmament to separate from that above the firmament


BECE RME mock questions

16. As a sign of repentance, a sinner should
A. punish himself/herself
B. show regret for his/her action
C. share the property with the poor
D. confess to the church


17. Controlling one’s temper when provoked is a sign of
A. anxiety
B. obedience
C. comportment
D. selflessness

18. “If you travel with lies, you may reach your destination but you will be unable to retrace your steps”. This implies that
A. those travelling on a long journey must be truthful
B. when embarking on a journey, one should pay the fare
C. when a liar travels, he may not return home
D. what a person achieves by means of deceit is short lived


19. One of the effects of corruption in society is that it
A. makes people rich
B. provide jobs for people
C. helps the country to develop
D. it tarnishes the image of the country


20. A mighty tree has been uprooted
A. difficult problem has been solved
B. significant progress has been made
C. king has passed away
D. battle has been won


BECE RME mock questions

21. The death of Jesus teaches us how we must
A. be committed to our children
B. love for one another in all things
C. faithfully serve our nation
D. sacrifice for the church


22. The three main religions in Ghana teach that
A. spirits plead on our behalf
B. love and honesty are godliness
C. God will save the wrong doer
D. God is resting after creation


23. Islam recommends early marriage and child betrothal in order to
A. avoid moral slip
B. prevent child abuse
C. receive reward from Allah
D. facilitate the practice of Allah

24. Tayammum is purification with
A. Water
B. oil
C. wine
D. dust


25. Nafl is………
A. an optional prayer or any prayer that an individual can say
B. the prayer that the holy Prophet added to what Allah commanded Muslims to offer
C. the prayer commanded by Allah Himself
D. a special prayer performed on Fridays


BECE RME mock questions
26. Salatual Istisqua is a prayer said
A. during festivals
B. the eclipse of the sun or moon
C. Ramadan
D. Rains


27. Janaza prayer is said during
A. funerals
B. the eclipse of the sun or moon
C. Ramadan
D. for rains


28. Caliph Abu-Bakr led prayers in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammed because the prophet
A. was tired
B. was sick
C. wanted to test him
D. had travelled

29. Decent dressing and good eating habits show
A. the level of training one has received
B. the particular community
C. that one belongs to the traditional society
D. that one is obedient to teachers

30. One of the advantages of the extended family system is that
A. parents can give sufficient attention to their children
B. an uncle inherits his father’s property
C. the extended family sustains society
D. parents are capable of providing the needs of the family


BECE RME mock questions

31. When a child develops the sense of responsibility, he or she
A. wins many prizes at school
B. passes all examination
C. becomes tolerant and sincere
D. enjoys peace and success in life

32. The moral lesson from the life of Tweneboah Koduah is that one should cultivate the habit of
A. faithfulness
B. punctuality
C. truthfulness
D. sacrifice

33. Moses ordered the celebration of the Passover to commemorate the
A. crossing of the Red Sea
B. deliverance from Egyptian bondage
C. death of Egyptian first born
D. encounter with the burning bush

34. Reformative punishment is aimed at
A. discouraging others from committing the same offence
B. punishing offenders out of revenge
C. protecting the good people of society
D. helping offenders to become better persons


35. Humankind can learn a lot about the use of time from the
A. hare
B. ant
C. tortoise
D. bee


BECE RME mock questions
36. The peaceful ways of asking for one’s rights include
A. lobbying
B. kidnapping
C. playing games
D. rioting

37. Broken homes may lead to all the following except
A. miscarriage
B. substance abuse
C. teenage pregnancy
D. truancy

38. The expression “work and happiness” implies one
A. likes working always
B. dances while working
C. works whilst playing
D. enjoys the fruits of his labour

39. Good eating habits include
A. eating with a knife
B. speaking when eating
C. stretching over to take something
D. mouth closed when chewing


40. In all but one of the following, 40. Christians and Muslims agree
A. prayer
B. reading of Holy Scriptures
C. observation of holy days
D. God created man

End of paper: BECE RME mock questions

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