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UCC JHS BECE Social Studies Mock Questions

UCC JHS BECE social studies mock questions

UCC JHS BECE social studies mock questions

UCC JHS BECE Social Studies Mock Questions

University of Cape Coast tutors designed these BECE social studies mock questions to prepare BECE candidates. The questions are standard BECE questions.


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Paper 2


BECE social studies mock questions: Answer one question only from this section

1. (a) State the two main seasons and the period in which they occur in Ghana. [4 marks]

(b) Give two advantages of each of the seasons to the farmer in your community. [8 marks]

(c) Describe with the aid of a well labelled diagram how cyclonic rainfall occurs. [8 marks]


2. (a) With two examples each, distinguish between renewable and non-renewable resources. [4 marks]

(b) State four effects of environmental degradation on climate. [4 marks]

(c) Outline four economic importance of rocks in your community. [12 marks]



BECE social studies mock questions Answer one question only from this section

3. (a) Identify four characteristics of a good law. [4 marks]

(b) List four government institutions that help to maintain law and order in Ghana. [4 marks]

(c) Highlight four benefits of laws in a society. [12 marks]


4. (a) What is human rights abuse? Give two forms of human rights abuse. [4 marks]

(b) Explain four causes of human rights abuse in your community. [12 marks]

(c) Outline two ways by which human rights abuse can be prevented in Ghana. [4 marks]



BECE social studies mock questions: Answer one question only from this section

5. In what five ways can Ghana reduce her dependency on foreign financial support? [20 marks]

6. (a) State four reasons why labour is not fully used in Ghana. [8 marks]

(b) Describe four ways through which human resource can be developed in Ghana. [12 marks]


Paper 1: Objective test

BECE social studies mock questions: Answer all the questions in this section. For items 1-40, each stem is followed by four options lettered A to D. Read each statement carefully and circle the letter that corresponds to the correct or best option.

1. Which of the following festivals has helped to conserve wildlife?
A. Damba
B. Hogbetsotso
C. Homowo
D. Aboakyer


2. To become a member of the United Nations Organization, a country has to
A. pay her membership dues.
B. belong to a sub-regional body.
C. be independent.
D. maintain a strong military force.

3. The slave trade became largely unprofitable from the early 1800s due to
A. laziness of the slaves
B. the emergence of the Industrial Revolution in Europe
C. the high cost of slaves in West Africa
D. so many revolts by the slaves from Africa


4. Which of the following workers engage in primary production?
A. Miners
B. Goldsmiths
C. Accountants
D. Carpenters

5. The migration routes of the Guan are traced to an area around the
A. Pra basin
B. Offin basin
C. Volta basin
D. Ankobra basin


BECE social studies mock questions
6. Which of the following cultural practices undermines girl-child education in Ghana?
A. Widowhood rites
B. Dipo
C. Female Genital Mutilation
D. Trokosi


7. The most effective measure for reducing the rapid population growth in Ghana is promoting
A. adolescent counseling
B. women empowerment
C. gender equality
D. girl-child education

8. Which of the following factors promotes political stability in a country?
A. Food security
B. Free education
C. Rigid constitution
D. Rule of law

9. Private businesses help in developing the nation when they
A. increase their profit.
B. import consumer goods.
C. pay appropriate taxes.
D. produce more goods.

10. The major reason for establishing castle schools by the Europeans was to
A. educate the people on human rights.
B. educate their own children.
C. introduce formal education to the people.
D. teach religious knowledge.


BECE social studies mock questions

11. A scale of map expressed as a ratio is known as
A. linear scale
B. simple fraction
C. representative fraction
D. statement scale

12. The main reason for establishing state owned enterprises is to
A. create competition in the country.
B. generate foreign exchange for the country.
C. generate profit for the state.

D. provide essential services to the public.

13. The main benefit of tourism to Ghana is
A. political stability
B. inter-tribal marriage
C. foreign exchange
D. cultural change

14. The physical environment of Ghana can be protected through
A. recycling of waste materials
B. re-directing river channels.
C. practising traditional farming
D. burning of industrial waste

15. When two air masses of different temperatures meet, the result is,
A. thunder and lightning
B. rain shadow zone
C. cyclonic rainfall
D. relief rainfall


BECE social studies mock questions

16. Conflicts that destroy lives and property must be prevented by
A. security agents
B. all citizens
C. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
D. National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO)

17. What name is given to the point where a tributary joins the main river?
A. Source
B. Mouth
C. Confluence
D. Delta

18. Which of the following countries ruled Togo before the First World War?
A. Portugal
B. Germany
C. Britain
D. France

19. The highest judicial officer in Ghana is the
A. Chief Justice
B. Ghana Bar Association President

C. Supreme Court Judge
D. Inspector General of Police


20. The highest point in the Akwapim-Togo ranges is
A. Djebobo
B. Torogbani
C. Afadjato
D. Ayegbadje


BECE social studies mock questions

21. The first political event leading to the formal establishment of British colonial rule in the Gold Coast was the
A. signing of the bond of 1844
B. declaration of the Sagrenti war
C. introduction of the poll Tax ordinance
D. disturbances of 1948

22. According to the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, an individual can claim Ghanaian citizenship if
A. his/ her grandparents are Ghanaians.
B. he/ she attends school in Ghana.
C. he/ she works in Ghana.
D. his/ her parents reside in Ghana.

23. Which of the following factors is most needed for the continuous existence of map?
A. Wealth
B. Family
C. Religion
D. Environment

24. The right to be protected and heard at trials is
an example of
A. social right
B. political right
C. legal right
D. natural right


25. The following options are advantages of colonization in Ghana except
A. introduction of formal education
B. excessive use of foreign goods
C. introduction of new crops
D. introduction of paper currency


BECE social studies mock questions
26. Which of the following do not constitute environmental degradation?
A. Deforestation
B. Bush burning

C. Air pollution
D. Mixed farming

27. Which of the following factors is a reason for Ghana’s cultural diversity?
A. Ethnic grouping
B. Foreign trade
C. Internal trade
D. Colonization

28. The following place is likely to experience relief rainfall in Ghana
A. Akwapim.
B. Axim.
C. Tamale.
D. Takoradi.

29. The first Europeans to arrive in Ghana in 1471 came from
A. Portugal.
B. Germany.
C. Spain.
D. Britain.

30. Latitude 23½ South is also known as
A. Arctic Circle.
B. Antarctic Circle.
C. Tropic of Cancer.
D. Tropic of Capricorn.


BECE social studies mock questions

31. A settlement in which the buildings are far apart from each other is termed as
A. dispersed settlement.
B. linear settlement.
C. displaced settlement.
D. nucleated settlement.

32. The constitution of a country is endorsed by the people through
A. a census.
B. a referendum.
C. ann acclamation.
D. a bye-election.

33. Government revenue for developmental projects is raised mainly through
A. Inflation.
B. Over-invoicing.
C. common fund.
D. Taxation.

34. The rotation of the earth on its axis causes

A. eclipse of the sun.
B. eclipse of the moon.
C. day and night.
D. seasonal changes.


35. The second-largest ocean in the world is
A. the Arctic.
B. the Pacific.
C. Indian.
D. Atlantic.


BECE social studies mock questions

36. Which of the following is an abuse of human rights in Ghana?
A. Assisting the Police during investigations
B. Freedom from arrest and detention without trial
C. Being a member of religious groups.
D. beating a thief caught red-handed


37. An administrator at the ministry of education is a
A. director.
B. civil servant.
C. public servant.
D. consultant

38. The following are social problems of development in Ghana except
A. road accident.
B. low literacy.
C. poverty.
D. low agricultural production.

39. One advantage of rapid population growth is that, it
A. brings about low savings among families.
B. slows down national development.
C. provides a large market.
D. brings about pressure on public facilities.

40. An escarpment has
A. a flat top and steep sides.
B. steep slope on all sides.
C. a steep slope on one side and a gentle slope on the other.
D. gentle slope on all sides.

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