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wassce sculpture mock questions

wassce sculpture mock questions

WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions

WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions: The questions below are provided for WASSCE candidates who are preparing for the impending examination. This mock questions will prepare candidates adequately


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PAPER 2 ESSAY TEST [60 marks] Answer FOUR question only

All the questions carry equal marks. Credit will be given for clarity of expression and orderly presentation of materials

1. Write notes on the following:
(a) Grog;
(b) Crucible;
(c) Catalyst;
(d) Firing;
(e) Armature;[15 marks]

2. (a) Identify five aspects of socio-economic importance of sculpture. [5 marks]
(b) Explain the five aspects identified in 2(a) above. [10 marks]

3. Discuss five important aspects of preliminary design to the sculptor. [15 marks]

4. (a) List five ethics applied to sculpture. [5 marks]
(b) Explain the ethics listed in 4(a) above. [10 marks]

5. (a) What is papiermache? [3 marks]
(b) Outline the steps involved in preparing papiermache. [12 marks]

6. (a) What is patination? [3 marks]
(b) Explain four reasons why bronze is used mainly for outdoor sculpture. [12 marks]


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions: PAPER 1 OBJECTIVE TEST [40 marks]

Think carefully before you shade the answer spaces; erase completely any answers you wish to change. Do all rough work on this question paper. Now answer the following questions.


1. Which of the following processes are used in construction?
A. Casting, joining and gluing.
B. Modelling, tying and drying.
C. Nailing, riveting and tying.
D. Wetting, drying and joining.

2. Clay sculpture crack during firing because they
A. have air pockets.
B. are porous.
C. are textured.
D. have even thickness.

3. Cutting outline of a figure before whittling is done with a
A. chisel.
B. copping saw.
C. hacksaw.
D. knife.

4. Which of the following processes relates to pyrography?
A. Burnishing.
B. Buffing.
C. Scorching.
D. Scratching.

5. Plaster mould is sized when it is
A. cold.
B. dry.
C. soaked.
D. warm.


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions

6. The location of butterfly in a sculpture is
A. on the seam.
B. on the armature.
C. in the mould.
D. in the cast.


7. Clay slip is applied in a mould to
A. enhance the appearance of the cast.
B. seal cracks in a mould.
C. absorb entrapped air in the mould.

D. facilitate separation of cast from the mould.

8. The most suitable base for a statue is a
A. banker.
B. platform.
C. plinth.
D. stand.


9. Wood seasons well when there is
A. too rapid evaporation o moisture.
B. too slow drying of the interior.
C. high temperature and humidity.
D. controlled temperature and humidity.


10. Uniform wall thickness is achieved by scooping when clay is
A. leatherhard.
B. soggy.
C. plastic.
D. bonedry.


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions

11. Identify the option that facilitates the removal of a mould from a model
A. Draft.
B. Edge.
C. Point.
D. Shim.

12. Boldness and simplicity are the major qualities of
A. calligraphy.
B. Gothic letters.
C. hieroglyphics.
D. Roman letters.

13. The quickest means of creating styles in lettering is by using the
A. computer.
B. hand.
C. stamp.
D. stencil.


14. A major factor to note in drawing human figure is
A. breadth.
B. height.
C. length.
D. proportion.


15. Select the option that requires five squares in construction.
A. G and M
B. G and K
C. M and W
D. W and G


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions
16. Air bubbles and lumps in clay are removed by
A. ageing.
B. burnishing.
C. Kneading.
D. pounding.

17. The absolute requirement for making clay sculpture permanent is by
A. casting.
B. embellishing.
C. firing.
D. waxing.

18. The device that captures images for transfer to a computer for editing and printing is the
A. digital camera.
B. disk drive.
C. monitor.
D. projector.

19. In cireperdue casting, the metal replace
A. clay.
B. the mould.
C. the duplicate.
D. wax.


20. Controlling insects infestation of woodcarving is enhanced by
A. smooking the carving.
B. applying lacquer.
C. drying in the sun.
D. soaking in salt solution.


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions

21. Which stone was frequently used by traditional West African sculptors?
A. Granite
B. Marble
C. Sandstone
D. Soapstone

22. A suitable mould for casting many forms is
A. plaster.
B. vinamould.
C. cement.
D. metal.

23. Which of the following aptly explains scorching?
A. Using hot metal to burn surface of wood
B. Improving texture of wood by varnishing
C. Smoothing surface of wood with an abrasive
D. Polishing surface of wood with wax

24. Hammering is the main activity in
A. annealing.
B. forging.
C. soldering.
D. welding.


25. Which of the following media is not used for modelling and casting?
A. Bronze
B. Cement
C. Clay
D. Wax


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions
26. Putting the finest edge to carving tools is facilitated by the use of
A. grindstone.
B. gouge slips.
C. strops.
D. sharpening stones

27. In costing woodcarvings, market penetration helps to
A. maintain price for the sake of consumers.
B. price above the actual to give value to the product.

C. restrict sale of products to the rich.
D. price below the actual to attract customers.

28. The tool that is essential for final working on knotty and difficult grained wood carving is
A. gouge.
B. chip knife.
C. chisel.
D. steel scraper.

29. The process that can create a relief on
wood is
A. burnishing.
B. polishing.
C. pyrography.
D. staining.

30. The term going off refers to plaster when it is
A. beginning to set.
B. giving off heat on setting.
C. in the liquid state.
D. mixed with plenty of water.


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions

31. The last process in metal casting is
A. de-waxing.
B. patination.
C. pouring.
D. sizing.


32. Chasing and fettling are finishing process for
A. bronze cast.
B. plaster cast.
C. shell cast.
D. slip cast.

33. Sculpture that are designed to move fall under
A. assemblage.
B. high relief.
C. kinetic art.
D. stabiles.

34. Practice of ethics in sculpture necessarily involves the use of
A. contemporary designs.
B. expensive materials.

C. quality materials.
D. traditional designs.

35. A project report on a work of art includes a
A. background information of the work.
B. biblical reference related to the work.
C. biography of the artist.
D. genealogy of the author.


WASSCE Sculpture Mock Questions
36. Advertisement, exhibition and packaging are basic
A. administrative procedures.
B. aesthetic appeal.
C. artistic expressions.
D. marketing strategies.

37. The process of putting together resources to start an industry is
A. assembling.
B. organizing.
C. planning.
D. searching.

38. An exhibition that displays all kinds of products is also referred to as
A. bazaar.
B. contest.
C. seminar.
D. workshop.

39. Themost suitable protective equipment(s) used in a dusty studio
A. are ear plugs.
B. are goggles.
C. is a nose guard.
D. is an overall

40. Which of the following is a major purpose of art exhibitions. To
A. educate and inspire artist.
B. expose patrons to the public.
C. expose works to the public.
D. review and appreciate works.

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