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Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

Presec integrated science questions

Presec integrated science questions

Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

Presec integrated science questions: This set of questions are carefully selected and expected to be completed within standard regulation


1. Using the following organisms, construct a food web: cheetah, grass, antelope, vulture, lizard, locust


2. What are the main differences between a clinical thermometer and a laboratory liquid-in-glass thermometer.


3. Explain how a thermos flask keeps substances hot or cold

a. If 3 kg of water (specific heat capacity 4200 J/KgoC) is heated from 16oC to 54oC, how much heat energy would be used in the heating process?


b. State three applications of insulators in the kitchen. What safety precautions would you recommend to a baker baking bread in an oven?


4. Give as many reasons as possible to explain why the following can be injurious to a person’s health.

a. Smoking

b. drinking too much alcohol


5. a. Explain each of the following terms

I. Homeostasis

II. Warm-blooded

III. Cold-blooded


b. Describe the body temperature regulation system in the human body


Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

6. a. What is meant by the ‘emf’ of a source?

b. What is meant by the ‘pd’ across a component in a circuit

c. What effects are likely to appear when a current flows in a conductor?

d. Explain how one effect of an electric current is used in everyday life

e. What unit is use to measure an electric current


7. Four resistors have resistance of 20 Ω, 50 Ω, 100 Ωand 50 Ω. Whatis the effective resistance of these four resistors in a circuit ifthey are connected

a. In series

b. Parallel

c. As shown in the figure below

8. What is meant by conservation of natural resources? Describe the dangers from abuse of a nation’s natural resources


9. The center of gravity of the rod shown in the figure shown below is at its mid-point. Calculate the force, X newtons, needed to keep the rod in equilibrium.


10. Describe the difference in composition between inhaled and exhaled air


Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

11. Copy the following tables of aqueous solutions and give each solution its correct pH from the given list of pH values


12. Explain clearly why it is the father who determines the sex of a baby


13. Copy the following passages, (a) and (b), and chose the correct words from the list of words given at the end of the question to fill in the blank spaces


a. The process of  ………. is used in preparing caustic soda (NaOH) on a large scale. Caustic soda is an example of an ……… By-products in the manufacture of caustic soda by this process are …… and hydrogen gas. The first by-product named can be used in manufacturing ………  and ………..


b. The gas ….. is formed in the production of tetraoxosulphate (VI) acid. When some escapes into the atmosphere, it combines with ….. to produce … which can corroe physical structures such as marble because of its …. content. The gas can also pollute ……


List of wors to be used: Chlorine, plastics, acid rain, sulphur (IV) oxide, trioxocarbonate (IV), rainwater, DDT, rivers, electrolysis, alkali.


14. How are the following diseases spread and how can they be controlled

a. Guinea worm

b. Malaria

c. Rabies


15. With the help of a ray diagram, state the characteristics of an image formed by an object placed between the focal point and the pole of a converging mirror.


Questions Bank (Written)

16. Write down the formulae for finding the total effective resistance of three resistors if they are wired

a. In series in a circuit

b. In parallel in a circuit


17. Describe carefully how oxygen in the alveolus gets into a red blood cell


18. What are the up-to-date colour codes for the wires of a three-pin plug, listed as follows

a. Live wire

b. Neutral wire

c. Earth wire


19. Define density and relative density


20. What is meant by the following terms

a. Potential difference

b. Resistance

c. Power

d. Force


Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

21. State three precautions to be taken when using a metre rule to measure the length of an object


22. a. How is the density of a solid object determined

b. Why is it essential to know the density of materials in engineering activities


23. What is the difference between speed and velocity


24. Explain the following terms

a. Voltaic cell

b. Solar panel

c. Mechanical energy


25. Compare potential energy and kinetic energy, and outline the similarities and differences between them


Presec Integrated Science Questions Bank (Written)

26. Briefely describe each of the following components of an electronic circuit

a. Semiconductor

b. Diode

c. Resistor

d. Capacitor

e. Inductor


27. How is an electronic resistor different from a diode


28. List any three applications of electronic LEDs that you have observed in your community


29. List four sources that drive current through conductors


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30. An electric kettle used at a voltage of 220 V has a power rating of 1.6 kW. Calcualte

a. The current flowing through the kettle

b. The resistance of the kettle


31. List three safety devices associated with an electric circuit. Describe how each functions and the benefits derived from its presence

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