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Presec Legon Social Studies Mock Questions

Presec Legon social studies mock questions

Presec Legon social studies mock questions

Presec Legon Social Studies Mock Questions

Presbyterian Boys’ school tutors designed these Presec Legon social studies mock questions to enable candidates to pass WASSCE with distinction. The tutors, who teach some of the best students in the country designed the test questions to meet the standard of the students as well as the standard of the West African Examination Council’s WASSCE


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Objective questions

I. Democratic leadership promotes sustainable development because it
A. ls an arbitration mechanism in society
B. Generates ethnic sentiments and love in politics
C. Creates separation of powers of organs of government
D. Guarantees accountability and transparency


2. A body of knowledge acquired through reasoning, observation, experimentation and analysis is an appropriate definition of
A. Technology
B. Social studies
C. Socialization
D. Science


3. Financial security enables a nation to depend on its own resources for
A. Educational reforms
B. Development projects
C. Paying workers
D. Political activities


4. Social change is effectively achieved when the people are
A. Indoctrinated
B. Enlightened C.
D. Organized


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

5. The uninterrupted effort to maintain harmonious living and improvement in the quality oflife of a people explains the concept of
A. Leadership
B. Democracy
C. Nation building

D. Rule of law


6. Which of the following preparations is needed in selecting a potential spouse?
A. Engagement
B. Companionship
C. Investigation
D. Libation


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

7. Chastity is a highly cherished virtue in the Ghanaian traditional society because it
A. Promotes trust and respect in marriage
B. Leads to fertility in women
C. Makes the adolescent girl shy
D. Encourages safety of pregnancies


8. A family that is made up of parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins etc. is known as
A. Nuclear family
B. Lineage
C. Extended family
D. Clan


9. The commonwealth supports education in Ghana mainly through
A. Award of scholarships
B. Provision of science equipment
C. Free textbook supplies
D. Sports and games


10. People can avoid incurring unmanageable debts by
I. Considering the payment plan
II. Considering the bank's interest rate
Ill. Taking loans from money lenders
IV. Taking loans from suitable banks
A. I and II only
B. III and IV only
C. I, II and IV only
D. II, III and IV only


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

11 . The movement of the youth to· the cities for greener pastures
A. Weakens their socialization process
B. Creates more avenues for employment
C. Enhances higher productivity
D. Reduces their quest for economic freedom


12. Any form of material and human capacity used in the production of goods and services best explain
A. Resources
B. Productivity
C. Development
D. Utilization


13. Parent and child conflict can be prevented through
A. Family education
B. Cordial relationship
C. Child pampering
D. Family re-union


14. The process of socialization in every society starts from the
A. Community
B. School
C. Family
D. Church


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

15. Which of the following options cannot be classified among types of community?
A. Rural community
B. Fishing community C.
Housing community D.
Christian community


16. Which of the following measures is put in place to settle quarrels in the society?
A. Litigation
B. Arbitration
C. Instigation
D. Revolution


17. International community consists of all people living
A. Within a defined territory
B. In the world
C. Together in peace
D. In foreign countries


18. A responsible member of a community is the one who
A. Obeys all the laws and regulations of the community B. Is employed to criticize social vices in the community

C. Learns all the customs and traditions of the community D. Knows all the laws and customs of the community


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

19. Indiscriminate cutting of trees, water pollution and bush fires
A. Result in over cropping and afforestation
B. Cause flooding in big towns and cities
C. Add aesthetic value to the environment
D. Threaten the environment for human survival


20. Attitudes and values relevant to peace building include
A. Forgiveness and hardwork
B. Tolerance and fairness
C. Honesty and purity
D. Forgiveness and charity


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

21. The need for governments to provide more schools, hospitals and other social amenities is that
A. Citizens desire to become literates
B. Election campaign promises must be fulfilled
C. Health issues have become more of international concem
D. There is increase in the population


22. Which of the following factors forms the basis of technological development of a country?
A. Buoyant economy
B. Political stability
C. Vocational education
D. Scientific research


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

23. The ultimate aim of education is to provide
A. Knowledge .
B. Scientific ideas
C. Occupational skills
D. Values


24. Which of the following options describes the age structure of a population?
A. Number of males in the different age groups of the population
B. Number oflive births in the population
C. The proportion of the people that belongs to the different age groups I
D. The proportion of females to that of males in the population


25. Which of the following statements is true about self/
A. Ability to create things on one's own initiative
B. Good judgement and taking concrete decision
C. Absolute willingness to take calculated risk in life
D. the totality of the individual's behaviour


26. Peace building refers to
A. Conflict resolution B. Conflict assessment C. Harmonious living D. Reconciliation process


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

27. One process of peace building is
A. Existence of good relationship
B. Prolonged arbitration
C. Stable mediation
D. Interrupted compromise

28. A condition for sustained peace building in our communities is
A. Fearlessness
B. Insisting on one's rights
C. Respect for love ones
D. Tolerance


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

29. An effective leader is the one who is patriotic and upholds the principles of
A. Democracy and individual responsibility B. Democracy and self-determination

C. Rule of law and social integration D. Rule oflaw and national politics


30. For a traditional leader to be successful, he or she must
A. Be generous to the people
B. Appease those who oppose him or her
C. Have vision and take initiative
D. Possess absolute power


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

31. Constitutional rule can best be explained as
A. Government based on a system of laws
B. Legal framework by which cases are judged
C. A system of government bases strictly on conventions
D. Fundamental human rights of citizens based on laws


32. Unity and development of a nation are sustainable under democracy because
A. Opponents of the government are always allowed to demonstrate
B. Political appointees are well protected to do their work
C. Political parties are accountable to foreign election observers
D. Views of all interest groups are accommodated


33. In which of the following places is the citizens' right of movement restricted?
A. Military zones
B. Police station
C. Public office
D. Recreational centres


34. The United Nations Organization (UNO) was formed mainly to ensure international
A. Fight against narcotic trade
B. Peace and security
C. Respect for human rights
D. Social and economic cooperation


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

35. One of the objectives of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD) is to
A. Control inflation
B. Check drug trafficking
C. Eradicate poverty
D. Prevent terrorism


36. Unemployment among the youth can be minimized through
A. Establishment of local industries B.
Acquisition of vocational skills C.
Availability of rural banks
D. Acquisition of university education


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

37. A major role of the youth that can lead to national development is
A. Expending their energies on productive ventures
B. Giving them unlimited control over the country's affairs
C. Mobilizing resources for developmental project
D. Spending more time to learn from peers


38. Anation that is financially secured has the capacity to
A. Become credit worthy and borrow more for consumption
B. Spend money on subsidizing utility and create more ministries
C. Initiate and expand development
D. Spend anyhow


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

39. Effort being made to promote science and technology in Ghana is
A. Encouraging the admission of more science students in our school
B. Establishing science laboratories in all communities
C. Funding the training of only science teachers
D. Making science compulsory at all levels of education


40. An acceptable way for an individual to contribute to the development of his or community is by
A, Criticizing every effort of the community leaders
B. Making one's expertise available on demand
C. Western education
D. Actively participating in community decision making


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

41. Which of the following options is the best way of developing the human resource of an organization?
A. Apprentiship
B. Experience from another job
C. On-the-job training
D. Technical educa' tion


42. Which of the following factors can best ensure community development?
A. Active participant in communal labour
B. Having fore-sight and initiative
C. Possessing drive and skills
D. Having charisma and loved by the community


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

43. National socio-economic life can be explained as
A. All activities carried out in a country to enhance the quality of life of the people
B. Programmes that are undertaken to deal with the country’s money supply

C. Activities thatare carried out to avoid waste, by cutting down expenditure

D. Policies that relate to production and consumption of goods and services


44. One essential ingredient for growth and development in Ghana is
A. Effective and timely prioritization B. Support for self-imposed leaders

C.Effective use of voters’ register
D. Reliance on expatriate human resource


45. The' habit of servicing tools and improving facilities regularly is referred to as
A. Development plan
B. Maintenance culture
C. Infrastructural development
D. Sustainable development


46. Pressure on social amenities in Ghana is caused by
A. Poor planning
B. Disregard for public property
C. Poor maintenance culture
D. Rapid population growth


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

47. Which of the following strategies can be adopted to break the vicious cycle of population growth in Ghana?
A. Improving health service delivery
B. Encouraging high birth rate among people
C. Promoting communal labour in the communities
D. Promoting girl-child education in school

48. An attitude employer will not entertain at their work place is
A. Discipline
B. Honesty
C. Malingering
D. Loyalty


Presec Legon social studies mock questions

49. Which of the following business enterprises has the advantage of quick decision-making?
A. Partnership
B. Public Joint-Stock Company
C. Sole Proprietorship
D. State enterprises


50. An important characteristic associated with public corporations is the
A. collapse of the enterprise when the manager dies
B. huge salaries paid to the workers
C. inability to engage in large-scale production
D. provision of essential utility service

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