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SHS Social Studies Mock Questions

SHS social studies mock questions

SHS social studies mock questions

SHS Social Studies Mock Questions

SHS social studies mock questions: Candidates who practice and do well in this SHS social studies mock questions for WASSCE candidates will deemed adequately prepared for the WASSCE examination. Downloa the SHS social studies mock questions here


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NOTE: Answer FIVE questions in all, choosing at least one question and not more than two questions from each section.


1.(a) Explain the term self-confidence [4marks)]
(b) Describe four ways in which self confidence can be built by the individual [16marks]

2. Highlight five ways by which children expose their parents as being irresponsible [20marks]


SHS social studies mock questions

3. (a) Distinguish between formal education and informal education [4marks]
(b) Describe four characteristics of informal education [16marks]

4. Describe five possible measures you would take to conserve the physical environment. [20marks]



5. (a) what is conflict management? [4 marks]
(b) Examine four causes of ethnic conflicts in Ghana [16 marks]
6. Describe five ways by which people can attain leadership position in the Ghanaian society. [20 marks]
7. Explain five situations under which the individual can be lawfully curtailed. [20 marks]


8. (a) Differentiate between natural resources and capital resources and give two examples each. [4 marks]
(b) In what four ways are natural resources beneficial to Ghanaians? [16 marks]


SHS social studies mock questions

9. (a) what is culture of maintenance? [4 marks]
(b) in what four ways does culture of maintenance ensure sustainable development.[16 marks]

10. Explain how five negative work ethics can affect business in Ghana



1. The main function of the judiciary is to—————–
A. arrest criminals
B. try criminals in court
C. make laws
D. interpret the constitution

2. Which of the following substances destroys the ozone layer?
A. chlorofluorocarbon
B. hydrogen
C. nitrogen
D. carbon dioxide

3. The system whereby a man marries two or more wives at a time is known as—————
A. monogamy
B. polygamy
C. polyandry
D. polygyny

4. which of the following provides management for the production of goods and services?
A. natural resources
B. physical resources
C. capital resources
D. human resources

5. The use of resources refers to—————–
A. material resources
B. production
C. utilization
D. use of goods


SHS social studies mock questions

6. A system of government by the whole population usually through elected representatives is referred to as———–
A. democracy
B. autocracy
C. majority decision taken rule
D. good governance

7. Which of the following is the best leadership style?
A. laissez-faire
B. father type
C. democratic
D. autocratic

8. A member of a group with common objectives and who accepts to be guided is a——–
A. guide
B. leader
C. follower
D. teacher

9. A person who has the authority to guide others towards the attainment of the aspiration of the group is termed as —————————-
A. follower
B. leader
C. member
D. teacher

10. The system of education where male and female are grouped in one class for normal instruction is referred to as—————————–
A. adult functional literacy education
B. boys and girl’s school
C. unisex schools
D. co-education


SHS social studies mock questions

11. Which of the following is an agent of education?
A. the school
B. the community
C. the teacher
D. home

12. The total process of human learning b which knowledge is imparted, faculties trained and skills developed is termed as ———————–
A. education
B. socialization
C. training
D. development of skills

13. The process whereby through human ingenuity and creativity we utilize scientific
knowledge to satisfy a human need is termed————————-
A. science
B. application offinding
C. application technology
D. technology

14. Which of the following is the highest law of the land?
A. constitution
B. convention
C. constitutional rule
D. president

15. Which of the following is not a national symbol?
A. the national flag
B. the coat of arms
C. the currency
D. Gye Nyame


SHS social studies mock questions
16. Which of the following is not a social institution in Ghana?
A. chiefs’ palaces
B. marriage
C. naming ceremony
D. chieftaincy

17. Which one of these is not probable cause of deviant behavior?
A. lack of parental control
B. poverty
C. stable marriage

D. peer influence

18. Which of these is not a role of the family in the socialization o the youth?
A. character and moral training
B. provision of food, clothing and shelter
C. interacting well with peer group
D. protecting the child from undesirable influence

19. One of these ways cannot ensure sustainability in life of the individuals.
A. continuous improvement of one's skills
B. ensuring one has good education or vocational training
C. showing apathy towards public and other people's property
D. developing of the attitude of savings.


20. The knowledge a person has in himself refers to——————-
A. self-concept
B. self-actualization
C. self-confidence
D. self-esteem


SHS social studies mock questions

21.One basic way of improving the standard of living in Ghana is to————-
A. increase the tax rate
B. provide free common need to all
C. make education accessible to all
D. encourage more foreign investment

22. Goal setting is important because
A. it enables one to achieve everything
B. it promotes proper planning
C. little time is spent on setting the goal
D. it is well-known practices


23. Ghana can meet some of the challenges political independence ha imposed on her through the following ways expect
A. laying emphasis on general education
B. development of human resources
C. improving on education and training
D. development of positive attitude to work

24. All these are mistakes made after political independence expect that
A. education continued to be knowledge- based rather than skilled oriented
B. appointments were based on political affiliations rather than merit
C. policies did not favor indigenous industries
D. value was added to local raw materials


25. Which of these is not an effect of delay in maintenance?

A. re-channeling of money saved to other projects
B. high possibility of losing property
C. more money spent
D. less money spent


SHS social studies mock questions

26. All the following are factors that hinder the sustainability of growth in Ghana except
A. indecision and inability to prioritize well
B. developing maintenance culture
C. the attitude of postponing repairs
D. using low quality materials resulting in poor quality product


27. In the Ghanaian society, the problems faced in the provision of education does not include
A. lack of teaching/learning materials
B. use of second-hand school uniforms
C. inadequate classroom

28. For education to play its role of bringing about the needed change to people, it should be structured to meet the
A. needs of the environment
B. aims and aspiration of society
C. aims and aspirations of adults
D. needs of the educated elite.


29. Which of the following statements is not true of the colonial system of education in Ghana?
A. it was designed to serve the social interests of the Ghanaian
B. it satisfied the interest of the Europeans
C, it was mainly geared towards passing examinations
D. it encouraged social segregation.

30. The most important aim of formal education to the society is
A. acquiring higher academic excellence
B. acquiring vocational skills
C. helping the individual to secure a well- paid job
D. making the individual fit well into the community


SHS social studies mock questions

31. Peace building is difficult to achieve in the atmosphere of
A. tolerance
B. justice and fairness
C. respect for human rights
D. mistrust


32. The Liberian conflict was as a result of
A. land dispute
B. power struggle
C. ethnic differences

D. religious’ differences


33. Conflicts can be managed by the following means expect
A. confrontation
B. mediation
C. arbitration
D. negotiation

34.——————is a process in which the people in a dispute present their case to an independent person whose decision will be final and binding.
A. peace building
B. arbitration
C. negotiation
D. mediation

35. Interpersonal conflict may occur because of the following expect
A. different backgrounds of people
B. differences in experiences
C. ethnic unity
D. personality differences


SHS social studies mock questions
36. In Ghana, the environment largely controls human activities due to?
A. lack of scientific research
B. brain drain
C. low technical know-how
D. lack of formal education

37. Which of the following can least pollute water bodies?
A. solid waste
B. bush fires
C. acid rain
D. oil spillage

38. The most appropriate measure for disposing of domestic and industrial waste is
A. fumigation
B. burning
C. recycling
D. dumping

39. Floods and storms have adverse effect on our
A. religious practices
B. agriculture practices
C. socialization process
D. atmospheric conditions

40. A natural cause of desertification is
A. overgrazing
B. dry weather condition
C. over cultivation
D. annual bush burning.


SHS social studies mock questions

41. During national elections, the people exercise their,
A. legal right
B. Political right
C. national right
D. economic right.

42. All the following are the obligations of a citizen of the state except.
A. obeying the laws of the state
B. paying taxes
C. voting during elections
D. failing to help the police

43. When we go to church, we exercise our
A. legal right
B. social right
C. political right
D. educational right


44. One of the benefits of the rule of law in a country is the
A. protection of individual right
B. protection of the political party in power
C. protection of the president
D. freedom to act arbitrarily

45. Under the 1992 constitution of Ghana, every person has the right to
A. pay taxes
B. protect state property
C. personal liberty
D. enlists in the Armed forces.


SHS social studies mock questions

46. Fundamental human rights are claims which are
A. against the individual
B. natural to man
C. against the state
D. allowed by the law

47. legal right are conferred on the citizen by
A. the executive
B. acts of parliament.
C. court of law
D. the constitution


48. In Ghana when a person is arrested and detained for 72 hours, the one is denied the rights to
A. freedom of speech
B. freedom of assembly
C. personal liberty
D. freedom of movement.

49. The right to vote in the society helps
A. individuals to participate in decision making
B. in the delegation of public duties

C. to hasten economic development
D. to unite ethnic groups

50. in the Ghanaian society it is a duty of the citizen to
A. belongs to a religious group
B. give charity to the needy
C. join a political party
D. protect public property

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